NIGHTHAWKS - Edward Hopper"

"The inner life of a human being is a vast and varied realm and does not concern itself alone with stimulating arrangements of color, form, and design." 
from Hopper's comments on art - published in Reality, Spring 1953 

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Current Semester's COURSE OVERVIEWS & CALENDARS: ongoing updates


 COMM-2625 [ Public and Presentational Speaking Course Calendar - Section BB= MW-9:30-10:45 ]

2625:  P&P Presentations & Schedules ongoing updates


2625: P&P Quizzes & Tests   ongoing updates


2625:  Capstone Campaign-Team Project



COST-1600 Oral Communication Course Calendar - Section  LS = MW-12:30-1:45 ]

1600: OC Presentations & Schedules  ongoing updates


1600: OC Quizzes & Tests ongoing updates


1600: Self Critiques & Assessments








COMM-5899 Communication Senior Seminar Course Calendar - Section AA= MW-3:30-4:45 ]




  SHORTCUTS to:  selected COST-5899 {Senior Seminar-Comm. Studies} ASSIGNMENT  &  INFORMATION SHEETS:                     



          5899- Tests/Quizzes       ongoing updates


5899: Literature Review


5899: Project/Thesis Proposal


5899: Research Paper/Senior Thesis



           5899 - Research Schematic/Procedural Timeline




  5899 - A-O-C Questionnaire



           5899: "I am a Researcher"


          5899: Investigative Pre-Test Worksheet







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  SHORTCUTS to:  selected COST-2622 {Grp Disc} ASSIGNMENT  &  INFORMATION SHEETS:                     

          2622 Major Presentationsongoing updates

           2622:(Revised) Observation Portfolio 

            2622 Tests/Quizzesongoing updates

           Grp Preliminary Agenda/Outline form

            Grp FINAL Agenda/Outline form



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   1610 Contracted Projects Packet                                     

   1610 Tests/Quizzes ongoing updates


   1610 Mini Reports Info.& Schedule  page will be updated at the end of the semester 


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2630 NV Workshop Team Projects



2630 Insight Portfolio


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2630 Mini-Enthnography 



















        ITEMS  OF GENERAL INFORMATION: ongoing updates


Oral Communication Rationale  


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  THEATER-IN-THE-ROUND/SHU Theater current season info -  (ongoing updates







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selected  archives  from  past  semesters:

COST-1600-GS/F14 [GS-(GENS)Oral Communication--MW--9:30-10:45]F14 

COST-1600-LS/F17 [LS-Oral Communication-F17] 

COST-1600-LS/F16 [LS-Oral Communication-MW12:30-1:45-F16 ]


COST-1610-AA/S16 [Dynamics of Human Communication-MW12:30-1:45-S16 ]


COST-2622-AA/S15 Group Discussion Course Calendar S15

COST-2622-AA/S17 [ Group Discussion Course Calendar-MW-12:30-1:45 -S17]

COST-2622  [ Group Discussion Overview - S'17 ]


 COST-2625-AA/F17 [Public and Professional (Presentational)  Speaking-- MW-9:30-10:45-F17]

COST-2625-AA/S17 [Public and Professional(Presentational) Speaking - MW 9:30-10:45-S17]


COST-2630-AA/S15  [ Nonverbal Communication-- MW-12:30-1:45] S15]


COST-2630-AA/F16 [Nonverbal Communication  MW-3:30-4:45-F16] 




COST-5899-AA/S16 [ Senior Seminar: Communication Studies - MW 3:30-4:45 - S16 ]


COST-5899-AA/S17 [ Senior Seminar: Communication Studies - MW 3:30-4:45 - S17 ]