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►► Research Proposal Written & Oral Components



         DUE DATES:    

 Due: _M 2/26/18-through 2/28/18 * < early written DRAFT due for Conference with Professor > [note: Prof will not be  reading the draft @ this meeting but  it you should have it there for reference. Also, YOU should come prepared w/ YOUR specific questions to ask. *If necessary, the Professor will conduct additional conferences during regular office hours.
Due:     M 3/12/18  < actual , in-class Presentations to be done via small group sessions,  >_  
 Due:    M 3/12/18  < formal submission of written proposal document for review & grading >_ 


      This is a three to five  (3-5) page document in which you specify your: (1)  research question or hypothesis (as appropriate for your research approach)  and (2) the structure of your planned investigative project which will be your contribution to the area of research as presented in your literature review.




Rationale: This document outline how you will be conducting your actual original investigative study & then writing the paper. If you create a specific, well thought-out outline/proposal, the strategic work is all done. All you have to do is carry it out.



Suggested Procedures:  (1) Continue with your ongoing Review of the Literature to make yourself more and more familiar with the extant primary research in your area-of-curiosity.  As you continue to read & summarize the articles, keep in mind how this previous research can support your Toulmin-based argument {particularly the warrant component}   (2) You will have a brief conference with the Professor to troubleshoot your proposal ideas and intended research methods before your oral presentation to your seminar-mates (3) In essay format, create the detailed, written outline of how you intend to conduct your study. A preliminary draft should be brought to your conference with the Professor but the formal proposal submission is due on the same day as the oral presentations.




Proposal Components:

     1. abstract (one paragraph explaining what you are investigating and why) (be sure to include your Research Question/Hypothesis)


     2. Explain your planned research design. (using the appropriate terminology, specify your epistemological paradigm, methodology, forms/units of measurement, timeline)


    3.  Give specific details as applicable to your project.

       (e.g. *What steps have you taken to assemble your sample? 

                 *Have you obtained the appropriate permissions/clearances? 

                 *How many questions will you have in your questionnaire? 

                 *What question structure are you planning to use & why?

                 *How have you arranged to distribute & collect your survey? 

                 *What are the names & dates for any in-depth interviews that you need to conduct? 

                 *How have you determined your "coding"?

                 *What analytical assistance will you need - e.g. someone to help you process the numerical data 



    4.  Specify which Communication theories "underlie" &/or will be applied to your research area.


    5. Specify what steps are being taken to ensure the validity of your results.


    6. Specify your argument. {Claim, evidence, warrant, backing, reservation, qualifier} See Toulmin model below. [click or scroll down]


    7. a Working Bibliography (citation listings only, no annotations, via CURRENT & CORRECT APA style. )





Presentation guidelines & timing  to be done via small group format in class on 3/12/18. Each person's presentation to the small group (3-4 people @) will consist of a 7-10 minute explanation which summarizes:

          - your specific plan for continuing to investigate your Hypothesis/Research question

           - an explanation of where this current project falls within the larger body of literature

           - the details of and the rationale underlying the researcher's choices of method &

              measurement.  (including the details of exactly how you will get access to your subjects/informants/texts - as


<Everyone will complete a written feedback sheet to give to each other presenter in his/her group.>

 It is understood that some people's preferred research design may be constrained by logistical, time restrictions, & /or access limitations which may lead to revisions of the original plan.



S'18 Paradigm Partnerships current groupings. Changes still possible

1 - Emma / Blaine / Matt Z / Saumya / Billy

2 - Leslie / Matt C / Tammy / David / Petal

3 - Jake / Aubrey / Bernice / Cassie