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Article Commentary  to be finalized -n.l.t. 9/15  / Selective #1  to be finalized  n.l.t. 9/29  /  Selective #2   to be finalized  n.l.t. 10/27"WebCam" Report  be finalized  n.l.t. 11/16  / Capstone Campaign    to be finalized -n.l.t.12/10




Brief Individual Presentations
(approx. 4) These presentations all are 2-4 minutes in length and will not require submission of an outline to the Professor. Click titles for assignment details.
-----Speech-Of-Self Presentation  ,  Special Occasion talk  ,   Elevator Speech  ,  The One-Two Impromptu    , ___________
Major Individual Presentations(approx. 4) The first & last of these listed types are mandatory. The middle two are selected from a list of options.
-----Article+Commentary: mandatory / outline submission required /  click link  for additional details

-----Selectives #1 & #2 - choose any two from this list / outline submission required / presentation length 4-5 minutes TOTAL / click link for general directions  
˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ A Proposal-Briefing to a "hostile" audience | 
˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ Delivering bad news  | 
˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ Epideictic Speech: in-praise-of a person-organization-or event |
˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ Epideictic Speech: in-condemnation-of a person-organization-or event |  
˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚˚ Fundraiser-Inspirational+Motivational talk for  your favorite worthy cause |

-----(Webcam) Conference Table status report - mandatory / Case Study & outline submission required /  click link  for additional details
Mini-Eth findings (progress report or new business opportunity announcement or crisis communication with SWOT analysis). This assignment will be recorded [& videofiles shared with you]  and reviewed for self critique purposes. Often, people are paired up in order to conduct this presentation.

Major Individual Presentation Group/Team Project & Presentation : This presentation is a mandatory, "capstone" activity involving  collaborative planning & presentation with your designated group :  mandatory / outline submission required / click link  for additional details  Competitive Capstone Campaign (essentially = a "Pitch"-type  presentation of a product, service or agency to a prospective client )





PRESENTATION SCHEDULES pages to be finalized no later than 2-3 days prior to presentations. Scroll down.

The following policy also will be reiterated in class:

>>> The "Presentation Schedule" Procedure:  Assigned dates for the MAJOR presentations are specified in advance via the online posting of a Presentation Schedule.  This schedule will list the assigned dates for speakers, evaluators, and recorder operators/technical assistants.  It will be "published" at least one day before the presentations begin--linked to your course calendar as well as via a shortcut on the Professor's main web page. Whenever possible, a copy also will be posted on the Professor's office door. Consequently, students always are expected to be prepared to speak on their assigned date -- NO EXCEPTIONS.

** It is course policy that, if you miss your specified major presentation date, it defaults to a DURING-FINALS-WEEK / BRING-YOUR-OWN-AUDIENCE/ APPOINTMENT-ONLY  procedure. HOWEVER, only a small handful of slots will be available at that time.

  Consequently, the opportunity to make up such missed presentations is not guaranteed and the option may be withdrawn without notice.** 



{Speech-Of-Self Presentation, Special Occasion talk, Elevator Speech, The One-Two Impromptu} These are brief speeches where everyone will speak on the same day.



> ARTICLE+COMMENTARY PRESENTATIONS [ both classes are on same document. If bookmark doesn't work, just scroll accordingly ]

_Section AA

_Section BB    page to be updated 



_Section AA   page to be updated 

_Section BB   page to be updated 


> SELECTIVE #2 : NOTE -  See below for Required addition to the Selectives #2 to-be-submitted outline:

_Section AA section  to be updated

_Section BB    page to be updated 

  These 3 items should be included at the TOP of your submitted outline for SELECTIVE #2
1 What is the specific item of feedback you received from SELECTIVE #1 that stood out the most to you?
{received either from Professor or a Peer}
2 What is one specific way this item is being addressed in your approach to SELECTIVE #2?
3 Of the 6+ "Organizational Arrangements" mentioned in your textbook (Ch12), which one have you chosen
 for this speech? Explain Why?
4 Of the 7 tips for "Methods of Delivery" mentioned in your textbook ( Ch17) , which three(3) are you intending to utilize in this presentation?

> "WEBCAM" REPORT    (partner project)

_Section AA  page to be updated

_Section BB   page to be updated 




_Section AA  page to be updated

_Section BB  page to be updated 






Speech of Self-Presentation: It is likely that you often have been asked to do a speech in which you introduce yourself to a class or a new group. This speech uses a slightly different mindset derived from the research into the way we assert our self concept through our choices on Self Disclosure.  Each person will deliver a two(2) minute, prepared,  proposal speech  strategizing at least five(5) aspects of yourself & your background that you SELECT to share with your peers in this class. i.e. rather than giving an all inclusive list of miscellaneous details, you are exercising a type of (self) "branding." 


Special Occasion talk:  click link  for additional details These  brief talks will serve  multiple purposes:  as a warm-up, as a " pretest" revealing your current proficiency in giving presentations, and as an mini-team icebreaker. Each person will perform at least one of the following roles: Speech writer, speech deliverer, speech critiquer.


Elevator Speech: This type of talk is well known and each person will deliver a two(2) minute, prepared,  proposal speech   ( a.k.a. a pitch). There are many, many how-to  &  alternative-to guides available online. Additional details will be discussed in class.

Elevator Speech format


 The One-Two Impromptu:  click link  for SAMPLE impromptu activity  This type of talk is well known & you can look up the definition in your textbook. Each person will deliver a one-two(1-2) minute speech on a random topic relevant to this class (not necessarily the ones listed on the sample page) . No advance preparation--you'll be expected to think on your feet. If possible, each speaker will receive a brief oral critique by his/her peers & (if time) will be able to give the speech again.




LOOKING FOR  SUPPORTING MATERIALS  (Tips from your Textbook authors)

These are the "building blocks" you use to compose your Speech Contents:  Introduction / Body / Conclusion. And to clarify, WIKIPEDIA is NOT a research source, nor are its listings necessary credible. However, sometimes researchers use  an entry's list-of-references to find possble items for further investigation.

Here are several items your textbook authors cite as tools for finding research that might be useful to you. THis is NOT an exhaustive list--- just a few things to get you started. ( aligned with Chapter 9 / 6ed)

Library portals such as:  
Subscription databases
Reference works
Books and monographs
Archives and special collections
Digital collections
Video collections
•LexisNexis Academic News Service
•Gale/InfoTrac Newspaper Collection
•ProQuest Newspapers

Additional areas to consider:
•Consider personal knowledge and experience (yours or someone else's)
•Conduct a survey
•Conduct interviews

Additional Secondary Sources:
•Trade &/or Popular Books  ( Browse  Amazon.Com.  | booksinprint.com  | & your local  'Barnes and Noble!')
•Newspapers and periodicals
•Blogs and social news sites
•Government publications  [ U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) & www.usa.gov ]
•Specialized academic, business, and technical publications

Create effective keywords and subject headings . Keywords are words and phrases that discuss the main concepts of topics
•Use more rather than fewer words
•Use quotation marks
•Use Boolean operators
•Use nesting
•Use truncations
•Consult the search tips section
•Identify the correct subject headings:  a term that describes and groups related materials in a catalog
•Use advanced search including
•File format
•Be a critical consumer of information
mediately,  All possible slots for end-of-semester speech make ups are committed & no additional people can be accommodated. Usually, in a given semester,  only a few people find themselves in the situation of needing to make up a presentation.  However, due to an unusual pattern this semester, you are alerted there will be no make ups for any missed presentations. Even with appropriate documentation, make up opportunities are not guaranteed; instead adjustments will be made to the grade distribution. )