(Webcam) Conference Table Status Report Presentation - {MAJOR PRESENTATION #4}



page last updated 8/18/18- Match-up Companies &  presentation schedule pending__


by 11/8 @ 6pm : Partner requests  [eml]
by 11/11 @ 9pm: Company selections [eml]
by 11/16 @ noon: Company Case Studies eml]
on 11/19 & 11/26 @day of presentation Outline/Agenda  [h.c.]

*Presentation format:  All of you will be enacting some variation on the Informative speaking goal, such as:  (1)proposals for a solution , (2)staff reports , (3)progress reports, and (4)crisis-response presentations. According to your textbook authors, these are four of the " five most common types of presentations in the business and professional arena." The fifth type, a sales presentation ,  is not applicable for this presentation. See FYIs below for a few additional explanations.

special options for F'18: Two different variations  for presentation delivery: for either one READ CHAPTER 28
version a: Same format as for all of the presentations so far: present live in class-- simulating a situation where you are giving a report via a teleconference. The report portion will be followed by a Q & A & critique session & portions of both will be video recorded & saved to a file which will be forward to each speaker.
 version b: You & your partner video record yourselves in advance- simulating a Skype-type presentation. Email the videofile to the professor no later than 10:00pm the night before your assigned presentation date. The video will be played in class to be followed by the same kind of Q & A & critique. If possible, portions of the Q & A will be  recorded.  In the event of technical problems with playback, the presentation will be given live instead .

*Partner component: For these presentation projects,  you will be paired up with a classmate to complete both the preparation steps and the actual presentation which will be videorecorded in class. If you know who you want to work with, email the Professor no later than 11/8-6pmAfter that,  remaining class members will be paired up by the Professor. Current matchups to be listed at bottom of this document. 


*Advance CASE STUDY component {psuedo-ethnography}: Below is a list of contemporary companies/institutions who have generated some sort of news coverage in the past months. Innovations, Organizational initiatives, corporate damage control, Downsizing, etc.,etc. You are welcome to submit additional examples.  Each set of partners will select an entity from the list (non-list possibilities must receive Professor approval of topic before proceeding).  The team's research, case study, and informative presentation all will center on that same chosen entity. 

SAMPLES  ongoing updates (accd'g to current events:
March for our Lives Movement Seton Hall University Med. School -first entrants / change in org. structure  NFL - ( promoting faulty concussion research) (Handling players' demonstrations)
Flint, Michigan water crisis  Apple (slowing IPhone innovation)  Whole Foods  - bought by Amazon ( multiple innovations & $$$ in reaction to competitors
Cuba (new policies re: U.S. contact) Toys-R-Us ( bankruptcy & liquidation & nostalgia) Staples - rent an office space initiative
Bayer (neonicotinoid pesticides>killing bees?)
Monsanto [similar]
Google/Alphabet/ U.S. Trade Tariffs & effects on Stack Market & U.S. international relationships
Uber -pedestrian fatality w/ autonomous car/ NYC freeze / assaults on passengers, etc,etc SHU's Dunkin Donuts store Tesla (delayed rolling out: model 3) (hot batteries)(E. Musk's controversial stmts)
Facebook _ misc scandals & investigations,   Keystone XL Oil Pipeline  Amazon exploring more Bricks & Mortar presence; Drone delivery; in-house delivery ( you're not home!)
Starbucks:  concealed weapon controversy; new CEO; NCAA paid players
Chipotle: recurring issues w/ food safety ( also McDonald's


*Visual aid component:  Optional, but you may want to use, if appropriate, for clarifying the data aspects of your message.


*Maintaining appropriate professional "tone":   Be careful NOT to begin your talk with casual phrasing or colloquialisms. No "Hi guys" or How ya doing today" etc.



<1> Each set of Partners selects an Institution/Company/Organization. If possible, select one you are interested in and/or that has relevance to your career interests.
  SUBMISSION #1 = Email your choice to the Professor no later than _Sun 11/8--9pm__. Company selections are are "first come, first served" so be sure you get an explicit OK from the Professor.
<2> Each set of Partners researches the company's background & its recent crisis-type occurrences. Jointly write up a summary in case study  format. (approx 3/4 page - 1 page) . BE SURE  the case study is structured appropriately & that it includes some indication of demographics of the company: what the company does/makes/sells, the number of employees it has, its location, and its current project(s). Include an appropriate bibliography/list of references.
   At the end of the case study write-up, you should specify what type of (oral report) presentation you are planning.  The four(4) primary presentation formats are listed above.  
  SUBMISSION #2 =  Email your Case Study write-up (one per set of partners) to  the Professor no later than
F 11/16--12n.
<3> Along with your partner(s) prepare an Oral report presentation. Utilize the guidelines in CHAPTERS 29 & 30. Everyone should receive equal talk-time (approximately) , but please note the overall, total  time of the presentation is ONLY 4-5 minutes ( partially to keep the videofiles manageable) .  ( final timing t.b.d.)
  SUBMISSION #3 = On your Day of Presentation, the Hard copy of your joint presentation plan is due.  (This should look more like an agenda- than the kind of individual speaker/ extemporaneous outline we have been using so far. There is an example on p. 426, O'Hair, et al.  6e)  Presentations begin M 11/19, See PRESENTATION SCHEDULE  page to be  updated
<4> In order to give you a brief sense of how you look in a more formal reporting situation. these presentations will be videorecorded in a very simple way. Details to be  reviewed in class.




Some FYIs


The five most common types of presentations in the business and professional arena are:  ( via O'Hair, et al., Chapter 30[6th ed] )

sales presentation { n.a. for this project}

proposal [ a recommended course of action. Depending upon context, in "real life" applications, the explanation of the proposal might be done separately from the persuasion to adopt the proposal.] 

staff report, [ internal communication mode. ensuring appropriate company members have the information they need]

progress report, [ might be "internal" or "external" communication. Frequently used to provide an update on an innovation or initiative]

crisis-response presentation. [... should include which image-restoration strategies would be most effective for the target audience]

Any one of these presentations types might benefit from including  a SWOT analysis. [ if you are unfamiliar with this term, look it up]




A case study is a detailed analysis of a real (or realistic) business situation. It is written with a skillful but neutral tone and contains an objective narrative of the factual details (some recommended content for this project's case studies includes:  

some demographics of the company

what the company does/makes/sells

the number of employees

its location

its current issue (e.g. crisis/controversy/announcement)


Case studies are often used in learning environments in order to help students understand the potential complexities of real-world business situations. If you have never written or studied one before, several templates &/or examples available on line. In addition your textbook refers to case study contents on p. 433 (O'Hair, et al. 6e)





  Spring 2018

BB_Frankie & Luke:   ____Chipotle's Food issues_____>>case study RCVD >>>STAFF REPORT

BB_ _Guiliana & Melissa:  __Airbnb__Privacy Issues__>>case study  RCVD  >>>CRISIS RESPONSE

BB_ _Emily & Steven P:  __SHU Medical School_______>>case study RCVD >>> PROGRESS REPORT

BB_ _Pat & Sheikh(Z):  __ _March for our Lives________>>case study RCVD >>> PROPOSAL

*BB_ _Stephen C & Jared D :  _Tesla_- delays in delivering #3_____>>case study RCVD >>>PROPOSAL

*BB_ _Rob D & Al  M & Joe S :  _NCAA:Paid Player Scandal_>>case study pending:L-NR >>>  PROPOSAL

*BB_ _Rachel G & Jordan M:  ___IPhone Slow Down_________>>case study RCVD >>>PROGRESS REPORT

*BB_ _Lizzy M & Matt Q:  _____Flint Water Crisis________>>case study pending:L-NR >>>TYPE OF PRESENTATION  PENDING

* = professor-created matchup











AA  ____________:Uber : ongoing issues

AA  ____________: NFL>issues with CTE  >> >>>CRISIS RESPONSE 

AA  ____________:Amazon creating Headquarters2 on East Coast   >>>>>PROGRESS REPORT

BB_ ____________: Air Bnb privacy issues  >>>STAFF/PROGRESS/C-R [?]TAKEN S'18

BB_ _ ____________: NFL>Faulty Concussion research  >>>PROPOSAL

BB_ ____________: Facebook: Ad /Content targeting  >> >>>PROPOSAL

BB_ ____________:  EA (Electronic Arts)   >> >>>CRISIS RESPONSE

BB_ ____________: Twitter increases character limit   >> >>> STAFF PROPOSAL

BB__ ____________: SHU Med School  >>TYPE OF PRESENTATION PENDING ____

BB_ ____________: Equifax - recent data breaches  >>>>>CRISIS RESPONSE

BB_ ____________: NCAA-One & Done >>>>>CRISIS RESPONSE PROPOSAL

_ ____________:Mylan Pharmaceuticals  >>>>>CRISIS RESPONSE

BB - Matt & Joey: Toms Shoes_>> PROPOSAL to Peer Stakeholders>int}}

BB- James & TJ: NFL Concussion Research >> PROPOSAL/ CRISIS RESPONSE }}

BB - Veronika & Laura: Google & the Driverless Car >> PROPOSAL  }}

BB-Jeremy & Michael & Greg :   FIFA>> PROPOSAL-PROBLEM_SOLUTION }}

BB- Gerard & Blaine: Apple's refusal to unlock IPhone  >> -CRISIS RESPONSE}}

BB- Chris & Alyssia:  Women's Soccer Pay disparity>> PROPOSAL}}

BB- Emerald  & Themba: Tesla - Model 3  >> -PROGRESS   REPORT}}

 Shao & Matt   _Tesla - autonomous car "race" against competitors__>>>__________

Saumya & Tiffany   __Chipotle_>>>_PROGRESS REPORT

Ryan &  David       _Wells Fargo__>>>__________

Michelle  &  Anthony  __Scrub Daddy____>>>PROPOSAL

Hardee & Amanda   _Uber - (Unionization?) __>>>PROGRESS REPORT

Michael & Jessica   _Amazon - delivery by drones_>>>_PROGRESS REPORT

Joe  &  Chris V.    __Snap Chat________>>>_________

Lawrence & Chris O.    ___Google?_________>>>_____________

_ Eli & Evan:  Purdue Pharma L.P. >>>_CRISIS-RESPONSE_

_ Grant & Brittany: The Starbucks red cup controversie >>>PROPOSAL

_ Matt & Ryan: Samsung   _>>>_CRISIS-RESPONSE{I}__>>>case study RCVD >>>

_ Erin & Nick D. : SHU's Dunkin Donuts  >>>PROPOSAL>>>case study RCVD >>>

_Adam & Michael: The DNC (Democratic Nat'l Cmte)_>>>__?CRISIS/ PROGRESS/ PROPOSAL?

_Mitchell  & April: Final Fantasy Video Game   _>>>_?PROGRESS?____

AA _ Nicole D & Mike H :   the NFL in London >> STATUS   REPORT}

AA -  Jordan & Chelsea:  NFL's restrictions of players' outside endorsements >> ____?_____   REPORT}

AA _ Sultan & Adham : Missouri U

AA_ Paul & Mike M: Fan Duel/Draft Kings  >>  SOLUTION PROPOSAL}

AA- Steven & Josh:  Uber ( controversy: current business model)___>> SOLUTION PROPOSAL }

AA- Chria & Vanessa: Walmart (current issues with Labor  )>> CRISIS RESPONSE/SOLUTION PROPOSAL }

AA- Aziz & Kristen: Nike - Back to the Future shoes >> STAFF/CRISIS RESPONSE   REPORT}