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2625 Capstone Campaign / Team Project {MAJOR PRESENTATION #5}






SUBMISSIONS:  Preliminary [optional]  /  Final [due day of...]

LIST OF GRADING RUBRICS:  for presenters      /     for questioners


Presentation Schedule  { / all presentations = 12/12/18 @ 2:30 }





As you recall,  in the beginning of the semester, your level of communication skill was assessed by using  a complex oral activity as a PRE-TEST: The Special Occasion unit. Similarly, this current oral project is complex, multi-faceted and will be used as a "POST-TEST" to assess how far you have come in terms of:

> making content audience-centered,

> using strategic organization,

> having effective delivery techniques (both vocal & physical)

> handling critique & question/answer


 (a written, "take-home" final test will be used to assess how much you have learned & UNDERSTAND about the material in the textbook [submission via Blackboard].




Section AA


Scheduled Final Exam Session =  Weds 12/12/18   @2:30-4:30 -

Grp Competitive Campaign Presentations  (all 4)  [considered as a "post-course Test"]




It all starts with the  partnerships & selected companies used in the WebCam Presentation project..

1. Each WebCam partnership will  select another partnership to collaborate with in creating this campaign.  This will result  in 4 groups -- each consisting of consisting of 4-5 members. Use whatever methods you want to match up ( mutual compatibility, negotiation, similarity of Webcam topics, etc.  As before, if necessary, your Professor will intervene to form and/or rearrange group memberships.

2. Each group will select ONE of their already-analyzed companies. It doesn't matter which, but you may want to select based on which is a better fit with this new task.

3.  Imagine your group has been given the responsibility of selecting a celebrity to serve as the spokesperson for the company  you selected in step 2.  This person will be the "face" of your company-- including television commercials, print advertisements, and online promotions . Using Dewey’s reflective thinking process {explained in your textbook} , select a celebrity. While moving toward your decision, FIRST consider what kind of image you want the product/company/initiative  to portray.  From there, consider which "celebrity" possesses appropriate credibility and can create the desired image and convey the right message to your audience.  

4. As a group,  plan a presentational campaign in which you will "pitch" the selected celebrity via a 10 minute persuasive presentation based on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and on the persuasive guidelines outlined in the chapter.


5. For each presentation, 4-5 members of the audience will be assigned as comprehensive and/or  analytical  questioners after which they will vote whether to accept your proposed celebrity spokesperson and "green light" your proposal (i.e. implement your plan). You can think of your listeners as taking on roles of psuedo-"Sharks". HOWEVER, instead of asking follow-up questions relevant to investment potential, the designated listeners will  be assigned to do either CRITICAL LISTENING or COMPREHENSIVE LISTENING. Therefore. they will NOT ask the group investment type questions but rather will ask questions-for-clarification or for-challenging-the proposal's  viability.



_5 minutes maximum  set up  time

_Full Team Presentation  (10-12 minutes)

_Q&A: 10 minutes (@ group receives 4 questions (no question should take more than 1 minute to ask. Similarly, no answer should be longer than 1 minute)




each set  (i.e. slot) = 25 minutes

Roughly: slot 1=2:35-3:00 / slot 2=3:05-3:30 / slot 3= 3:35-4:00 / slot 4=4:05-4:30




Questioners will be assigned to exercise either ACTIVE/COMPREHENSIVE /or CRITICAL listening and to  ask the team a question accordingly. Types of listening will be specified in advance -- as listed on the presentation schedule & questioner will be evaluated according to the rubrics listed below.




Your group has been given the responsibility of selecting a celebrity to serve as the spokesperson for the company  you selected in step 2 above.  This person will be the "face" of your company-- including television commercials, print advertisements, and online promotions. Using Dewey’s reflective thinking process [see textbook] , select a celebrity. While making your decision, consider what kind of image you want the product/or/company  to portray. Which celebrity possesses appropriate credibility and can create the desired image and convey the right message to your audience?



submission template [click for copy of form]

Preliminary submission of  this Template is optional. Use same form linked above


Final Submission of this Template {printed/typed}  is required & due the day of presentation (occurring during your section's official exam session)




for presenters -

For Group    
up to _80_points    points awarded 
  -Motivated Sequence Competence {other appropriate patterns accepted}  
  -ETHOS-LOGOS-PATHOS {applied as target audience strategies }  
  - Argumentation underlying Spokesperson choice {emphasis: reasoning & warrant}  
   -Presentational Clarity & Organization  
  -Evidence of Preparation & Practice  
  -Appropriate Choices & Usage of Presentation Aids  
  - Well handled Question & Answer segment  
  -All members participated cohesively ( team effort)  
  -Submission of Presentation Plan/Agenda with BIBLIOGRAPHY    pass / f ail
                                                                                                     Group Total      _________
For Individuals    
up to 20 points

_____well prepared   /  ____vocal delivery effectiveness   /  ____ physical delivery skills  /   ______ extemporaneous engagement with listeners

                                                                                                  Individual Total     ____________
                                                                                                     GRAND TOTAL     ________



for questioners -

       Evaluators/questioners will use this form.  Be sure to commit the p.60 guidelines to memory!  At the end of the session,  your completed form will be submitted to the Professor to be used in grading the evaluators/questioners. That score will be incorporated in the individuals' overall grades for the project.




 Peer Evaluation Form2 > Capstone Campaign Presentations - utilize p. 60 guidelines -

 Notate your evaluation of the group's presentation. Your assessment should be honest and constructive,

          providing the sort of feedback that you would find helpful if you were the presenter.

          Also, these questions will help focus your listening in order to construct your "psuedo-Shark" question.

As a whole, did the presenters seem poised & prepared?                             Yes           Somewhat           No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________


Did the presenters use appropriate volume & vocal expression?                 Yes           Somewhat           No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________


Did the presenters use extemporaneous delivery                                          Yes           Somewhat           No

(incl. eye contact, gestures, facial expression, "TO not "at", etc)?         

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________


Was the presentation's  introduction effective?                                            Yes           Somewhat           No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________


Was the presentation's conclusion effective? ?                                             Yes           Somewhat           No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________


[Compr.Listn] Could you easily identify and remember the group’s main points? Yes         Somewhat         No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________



[Compr.Listn] Did the presentation's organizational patterns make sense to you?   Yes        Somewhat         No

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________



[Crit.Listn] Did the group's argumentation  clearly demonstrate the                  Yes           Somewhat           No

connection of EVIDENCE>to CLAIM>via WARRANT?   

Comments/Suggestions:  __________________________________________________________________



The best thing about the campaign presentation was:_____________________________________________


Recommended areas for improvement"________________________________________________________

USE THIS SPACE TO WRITE OUT YOUR "Challenge Question": [continue onto back]



1 Zack & Sam  + Katherine & Devin >> ( STARBUCKS_)1st slot

2- Nick & Frankie + John & Zhanli >> ( ___APPLE _) 3rd slot

3 -  Kathy & Wes & Erik + Will & Pat >> ( __GOOGLE__)4th slot

*4-  by default Juan & Joey  + Ally & Mike >> ( _UBER__)2nd slot

* = professor-created matchup - by default