Article+Commentary Presentation {MAJOR PRESENTATION #1}

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PreliminaryPlanner / Final / Follow-up Self-Critique [ optional, If interested, ask]

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Rationale/End Result:

   This is a  __4-5__minute [total], graded presentation. It combines two(2) delivery formats [ manuscript + extemporaneous]  and also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills of critical (i.e. analytical) thinking.  In summary, you will select  an important contemporary topic that interests you and has a relevance for your listeners in this class.  You will be reading aloud from an article that addresses your topic in some way. Then, in a brief extemporaneous talk, you will analysis the perspective and the argument made in the article. At the end of the presentation, each speaker will be asked one substantive,  open-ended question.




Preparation Procedure

   _Select an important contemporary topic relevant to your audience. Consider your position. Conduct your research in order to get a handle on the various sides of the topic. You also are looking for an  article ( either a feature article or an op-ed essay) to read from as part of your presentation.  When selecting tour reading excerpt, remember  these criteria:

     (1) fairly easy for a speaker to read aloud   
        (2) interesting for the AUDIENCE in this class to listen to.
(i.e. writer used vivid language)

        (3) somehow "relevant"  to your personal background, interests, culture, etc.


 _Conduct whatever additional research is necessary to fill out your message[see template below for speech outline contents]

_ Review  the appropriate structure for "argumentation & support " [use your textbook or similar Oral Comm./Oral Rhet. materials]

 _Construct &  rehearse your presentation.





Presentation format

I. Introduction (Attention Getter + Topic Preview + Thesis Statement)

II. Manuscript reading ( written excerpt and/or block quote that coordinates with  your presentation's goal and topic)

III. Commentary ( your analysis of the argument being made in the article excerpt that you have read to us. This is similar to well, thought-out comments you might see posted online (NOT the kind of "knee-jerk"  statements that people sometimes post in chatrooms) . It's not simply your opinion on the topic  or your idea of how things should be. It is an analysis  of the themes expressed by the writer.


  NOTE: After your Introduction, the first portion  of your presentation (approx 1-2 minutes) will consist of reading a Manuscript-style piece of writing  


 the next part (approx 2-3 minutes)  will be Extemporaneous (delivered from notecards).


Devise an Introduction, a Conclusion, and  Transitions to get you from the excerpt to your prepared reaction statement.






Presentation Submissions

>Preliminary - Art/Cmm Presentation Planner [see template below] due to be emailed directly to Professor no later than W 1/30/19 | 6pm

> Day of Presentation -  As always, the Final, revised & corrected version of your actual speech presentation outline needs to be printed, in hardcopy format and ready to hand in BEFORE you give your presentation. Use a standard Speech Outline template   [see sample outline template linked below] clearly indicating your Thesis Statement & the other basic content in appropriate format.


Article/Commentary Presentation Planner
< prelim. submission only. This is NOT the template for the Speech Outline >

1 - Your name
2- Bibliography citation of the article being used ( APA format preferred) __( URL alone is INSUFFICIENT!)
3 - Three of the key points you expect to make concerning the themes expressed in your article
4 - Your "Clincher": a draft of the sentence you expect to use as your "clincher"/closing statement