SENIOR SEMINAR: Communication Studies

- COMM (COST) 5899---

                         Research Project Timeline Schematic    updated 1/12/18

Document subtitle:  Getting from the AOC to the finished paper

Although this course is a seminar for increasing your proficiency in communication research practices (i.e. for conducting as well as consuming research ), your actual work on your research paper is conducted as an independent project separate from the in-class activities and assignments.

Here is an overall layout of the major steps involved so that you can gauge your personal progress & pacing & meet the various deadlines.


weeks [class dates]  
1 & 2 [17,22,24] Explore & focus on personal communication studies interests & curiosities ( A-O-C's)
3 & 4 [29,31,5,7]  Work on Literature Review (a.k.a.  Scanning  & Reviewing  the existing  Literature in your topic area)   
4 & 5 [5,7,12,14] Conduct, present  & receive (peer & professor) feedback on Literature Review Summary <AnnoBib>
 6& 7 [19,21,26,28] Work on preparing your Research  Proposal
 (S.B.) & 8SprBrk,12,14] Conduct, present  & receive  (peer & professor) feedback on Research  Proposal

Finalize Research Plan & including "measurement" method

8- 12 [12,14,19,21,26,28, EasterBrk,4,] Devise & conduct research (experiment, survey, interview, code-&-count,  read, observe, as appropriate)

Analyze data - consider preliminary findings

  13 & 14 [16,18,23,25] Complete  1st submitted Draft* of Research Paper. Submit in hardcopy form  NLT 4/19
14-16 [23,25,30,2,7]


Present &  receive feedback (peer & professor) on Research Paper

Submit final, hardcopy draft no later than final exam session [ Tues 5/15/18 @ 10:10-12:10 ]

  * Although this item is being called "1st submitted Draft", it should not be the first complete draft that you write.  It is expected that you will be writing & revising earlier drafts before this point.

* Also, please be aware this draft will re reviewed & returned and you will received feedback to help you create an improved, final version for grading.
  HOWEVER,  if this draft is very rough and/or poorly written, it will receive only minimal guidance for creating an acceptable final paper.