GROUP DISCUSSION   Course Overview Supplement #1 -

 Summary of PRESENTATION DETAILS  to be edited for S17

updated 3/2015- Wkg-in-Grps/ 2 DMs & 2 P-Ss

This is a summary of the basic details for the major group presentations planned for this semester.  This list gives you an opportunity to anticipate the overall dimensions of the presentation aspect of the course.

In addition, for each presentation, a detailed specification page is linked below,  Please note the time limits mentioned are approximate & will be adjusted according to the actual number of groups in the class.



  -- Basic Format = SYMPOSIUM

  -- Basic Rationale = will  follow the principles and guidelines of Informative Speaking as you learned in Oral Communication class.

  ---- will include "the usual submissions" (as described below) & audiotaping.




-- Basic Format = closed panel  [i.e. interactive/all-channel for group only]


-- Basic Rationale = will follow principles in Chaps  9[ second half] (6e) / 10(5e)   & Chapter 10(6e) / 11(5e)  + notes


-- Group will analyze & spontaneously solve a problematic situation of contemporary relevance by proceeding through the 6-7 step Problem Solving procedure. --With special responsibilities for the leader/moderator.


-- will include  "the usual submissions" (as described below) & audiorecording.


-- class members will observe/analyze the group’s ongoing processes with special attention to task/maintenance, roles, listening, conflict management, listening, leadership, etc.





-- Basic Format = symposium+panel+forum

-- Basic Rationale = will synthesize semester’s principles of audience-centered presentation and critical thinking

-- Each group selects its own format and discussion purpose; presentation will involve  creative/innovative planning in addition to the usual research & preparation.

---- will include "the usual submissions" (as described below)  & optional audiotaping.




Once you have chosen your "Permanent Group", you will work with those same people throughout the semester to produce all of these major presentations this semester. Although there will be some class time allotted for Group-Meeting-And-Planning, it is likely that GROUPS WILL NEED TO MEET AND/OR COMMUNICATE OUTSIDE OF CLASS ON A REGULAR BASIS.