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[This is an indication to me of how your group is progressing in its planning of your upcoming presentation. Print out & Fill in the information as specifically as you can]  

 GENERAL DISCUSSION PURPOSE - circle your desired approach to fixing this less-than-ideal situation

 problem solving – Ques of FACT;

 problem solving– Ques of VALUE;

 problem solving – Ques of POLICY 



 DISCUSSION QUESTION - (this serves the purpose of a "thesis statement" for the group, but it is phrased in the form of a question-not a sentence & reflects the discussion purpose cited above [i.e it’s phrased so that you end up in the FACT “lane” or the VALUE “lane” or the POLICY “lane”)



POSSIBLE CAUSES OF THE PROBLEM - a.k.a. What are the most prominent factors standing in the way of achieving the  ideal situation. -- (VIA BRAINSTORMING)




 -PROJECTED RESEARCH NEEDS - (i.e. What specific Information/Data does EACH participant need to know in order to  understand ALL THREE PARTS OF the overall situation & then fix this situation in a knowledgeable way? )

 Remember this is a PANEL discussion so each group member needs to prepare separately by researching data that will support his/her position & “argumentation” on the topic.



AGENDA/OUTLINE - (i.e. the basic points that the group expects to cover & also indicating the order in which it expects to cover them)(Your basic sequence needs to follow the “ standard agenda” – either the full version ( p. 244/5th ed) . The implementation step is desirable but not mandatory.


PLANS FOR "RESEARCH" - (i.e. as general group procedure, where do you suggest that participants go to look for the Information /Data mentioned above in your Projected Research Plan. What types of data & what types of sources do the group members expect to use to support their discussion argumentation) (Be as specific as possible. "Internet" "Library" " Infotrac", etc. are not specific research sources)


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