about this semester's "Major" Speech Presentations...

    LAST UPDATED 4/17/18






----------In this course, a Major Presentation is one in which the student "receives" a formal, comprehensive assignment sheet [located online] which specifies the various applicable details (topic, purpose, time length, visual aids, etc. ) .  

----------All Major presentations require the student to submit a hardcopy organizational document: either a speech outline /or/an analysis paper  (and some presentations will also require a preliminary submission).  The quality and correctness of this outline/analysis paper contribute to the grading for that presentation.  Also see my "Grading Criteria" statement

----------As the semester progresses, updated assignment sheets & presentation schedules  for each of these major presentations will be linked to this page. However, in many cases, previous assignment  sheets are still linked, so you can always get a "sneak peek" at what the presentation is all about.



            LS's  Assignment Sheet 

            GS's Assignment Sheet

                          Oral Interpretation Presentation Schedule page to be finalized by 2/10, late





                LS  Assignment Sheet 


                   - Informative Presentation Schedule page to be updated & finalized by 3/2 [ includes the upcoming groupings]



                GS's Assignment Sheet

              LS's  Assignment Sheet  

                          - "Combo" Presentation Schedule   finalized (early!)



              LS's  Assignment Sheet    ongoing updates as teamwork  progresses

                 LS  - Group Presentation Schedule [it is in the table at end of  the assignment sheet document]




                LS's    Assignment Sheet   

                      LS  Persuasive Presentation Schedule dates to be updated




















































      TA's O.I. Assignment Sheet


                                TA's- O.I. Presentation Schedul

   TA's    Assignment Sheet  

  TA's  Assignment Sheet

  TA's  Assignment Sheet

  TA's   Assignment Sheet