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PRESENTATION DATES: __4/23/03 , 4/28/03 , 4/30/03__In the next week or so,
                                    each person will receive a specific presentation date.
                            Volunteering is strongly encouraged.

LENGTH OF PRESENTATION:  TA = 6 to 8 minutes     |    LS= 7 to 9 minutes   GB = 6 to 8 minutes -  TOTAL!   [to be used strategically ]

HINT:   You should NOT use this extra time to: 
<1> squeeze in more points                                         or
<2>tackle topic that is too broad                  or
<3> slowly set up your visual/presentation aids         or
 <4> present a topic from primarily an information &/or speaker-centered  perspective       
The extra time should be used for employing well rounded & strategically structured persuasive principles  ( from your notes, chapter 18 & the online slide show)-- which means you'll need to use a variety of  communication techniques and supporting materials to  reinforce the 3-5 supporting points of your persuasive argument. ( a.k.a.. your thesis statement)


TOPICS: As always, specific topics are up to the individual, but you should make an effort to satisfy both the audience's needs  as well as the enthusiasm of the speaker. It is recommended that your topic be currently relevant.

  A topics sign -up sheet will be circulated in class so that you can reserve your desired topic or you can email it to me.


 1. All presentations should demonstrate your comprehension of:

  2.  Outlining & speech structure will be major factors of consideration and grading

 3. The presentation delivery must be EXTEMPORANEOUS.
             HINT:  This also means that your preparation needs to be extemporaneous, as well.
                       Remember, an extemporaneous speech is NOT simply an essay being said out loud.



  4. All presentations must be Persuasive & should indicate an understanding and mastery of the elements/principles of persuasion.  [You will definitely need to make use of class notes, the text [esp.Chap 18] ,  the online slide show and appropriate outside reading] 

 5. Visual aids are strongly recommended (as long as they don't disrupt timing.). In fact, some of you still need to fulfill your Presentation Graphics requirement.
                HINT:  When they are well integrated into the oral message, visual/audio/presentation aids
                            greatly assist the ETHOS & PATHOS components of persuasion .

 6. Use your text's Persuasive Speech Critique Checklist [ Fig. 18.4: P.483] (11e) to evaluatute yourself as you practice your presentation.


         I.  Preliminary submission:  For this presentation, you are required to submit a Preliminary Persuasive Speech Plan  [see p. 478 in your text.  Using your chosen persuasive  topic, complete item #2 [a->d]  in the "Test Your Competence" section at the top of the page. ]
THIS IS NOT AN OUTLINING ASSIGNMENT! Follow the directions carefully & please note that this assignment differs from anything you have done before. This "PPSP" should be posted to me via e-mail A.S.A.P but no later than: Tues. 4/154:00 pm


        II. Final submission:  Note these changes in the standard operating procedure for submittingNote these changes in the standard operating procedure for submitting  your final, hardcopy version of your presentation outline---

         Change #1:

 > You will be submitting a typed hardcopy, final Persuasive Speech outline packet containing  components:

  1) (As usual), the actual  extemporaneous outline, with all its parts & in correct outline format         {note: Don't rely on your word processing program to give you the correct outline format}
  2) plus the Bibliography (at least
3 sources). Use standard bibliography format. ***


   3) plus "Page 2" -- i.e. An extra page with 1-2 paragraphs which specifically  explain your use of the elements & techniques of persuasion. This  explanation should also discuss how you used them and why you selected  the  Chapter 18 elements that you did. [i.e. I want to know which  persuasive  strategies you have employed]



        Change #2: 

 > At least one session before your presentation date, you must submit this hardcopy of your final speech outline packet. However, this one-session-in-advance-requirement is waived for those people who are scheduled to speak on the first day.

*** Internet source citations must list the [1] URL,[2] the Title of the particular             Webpage you used, [3] the Date that you accessed the page & [4] (If available) the last date that the page itself was updated. It would also be wise to refer to the guidelines in the Department of Communication's Policy on Academic Honesty





THIS  NOTE IS NOT VALID FOR  THIS SEMESTER: If you wish,  you also have the option of scheduling an appointment with me so we can go over your topic & outline in person. A sign-up sheet for these appointments might  be circulated in class  or you can just speak to me &/or e-mail me.        
ITHIS  NOTE IS NOT VALID FOR  THIS SEMESTER: i f you wish,  even though I will be out of town for  much of this  time, you can try emailing me if you want to "discuss" issues hat you are having with your persuasive presentation.