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Public and Presentational Speaking

[recommended prerequisite: "Oral Communication"]

COMM(COST)–2625 - Spring '17

Dr. E. Plummer

  office:    Fahy Hall - 51  {dept office = Fahy Hall - 23}  

  phone:    973-275-2791  {dept phone = 973-761-9474}   

  e-mail: /or / 

  mailbox:   in FH-45 {Comm.Arts. mailbox room}

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What this course IS:

  "A broad study of the "one-to-many" speaking contexts

with a focus on developing speaking and listening competence.

 Includes the message organization, speech presentation,

vocal and physical delivery of various types of formal and

informal speaking situations."   (from college catalog)

What it ISN'T:
 - NOT Oral Communication-part2 {although it does build on material covered in COST1600}

 - NOT a course in Advanced Public Speaking {although it does include P.S. activities}

 - NOT a workshop on Interview Techniques




♦ REQUIRED TEXT:  A Speaker’s Guidebook,  Text and Reference - 6th edition,  O'Hair, Stewart and Rubenstein

rental version:



PRIMARY COURSE OBJECTIVES:   Learning how to "sell" your message ....   and  yourself, too    In other words:

1. to learn how to strategically articulate & present your ideas to a targeted audience

2. to utilize classic rhetorical principles of public address for informing and influencing.

3. to understand the importance of an engaged and interactive communication environment.

4. to develop skills of leadership through strategic communication choices

5. to sharpen listening skills-- particularly comprehensive, critical, and discriminatory. 

6. to develop adaptive competence, becoming fluent and fluid in various contexts




   1.   Regular attendance and participation in class  & class activities  /   Due to the participatory nature of this course, it is necessary to attend each session. Attendance, Punctuality, and Quality of  Classroom Engagement all are taken into consideration during the final tabulation of the grades.  If you are absent more than 2 times you can not get more than a B in the course; more than 3-4 times, no more than a C;  5 times, no more than a D; if you are absent 6 or more times, you will not pass. Only absences which are accompanied by doctor notes, university letters, or similar documentation will be considered "excused".  Additionally, 3 tardies (coming in late)  = 1 absence!  If you are present in the room, but otherwise distracted or disengaged, classwork points will be deducted. 


   2.   All work must be submitted on time. Failure to do so will result in a grade of 0 for that assignment.


   3.   In addition to the oral presentations, the written assignments will include: written outlines, self critiques, 1-2 in-class Tests / 3-4 online quizzes) Overviews and Information sheets will be available via links to this online syllabus


   4. Students are expected to understand, analyze, and apply the material covered in the textbook, readings, and lecture notes. 


   5.  Of course, there is a no-electronic-distractions policy for this class. This includes no-cell-phone-usage/ no-audible-pagers-or-alarms / etc. Laptops will be used in class on only a limited basis.  **Laptops will not be required in class for each session and in-class usage will be restricted to class-relevant applications only [i.e. no IM, no email, no chat, restricted notetaking only, etc.]


  Also refer to additional relevant documents: linked to Professor's webpage: (concerning  plagiarism (Academic Integrity),  grading criteria,  source citations style sheet, commonly used abbreviations; etc.)  






click for overview page: P&Passigns-and-scheds



Brief Individual Presentations (4): {Speech-Of-Self Presentation , Special Occasion talk , Elevator Speech , The One-Two Impromptu} 


 Major Individual Presentations (4):  {Article+Commentary Presentation ,  (Webcam) Conference Table status report - incorporating Mini-Eth findings (progress report or new business opportunity announcement or crisis communication with SWOT analysis). This assignment will be recorded [ on your Flashdrive]  and reviewed.

 & two more-- your choice-- TO BE SELECTED from this list:

    ˚ A Proposal-Briefing to a "hostile" audience | 

    ˚ Delivering bad news  | 

    ˚ Epideictic Speech: in-praise-of a person-organization-or event |

    ˚ Epideictic Speech: in-condemnation-of a person-organization-or event |

    ˚ Fundraiser-Inspirational talk for  your favorite worthy cause |


Group/Team Project & Presentation (1): Competitive Capstone Campaign (Pitch presentation of a product, service or agency to a prospective client )


ASSESSMENT AND GRADING:  [ Remember, ATTENDANCE affects grade! ]


Brief Individual Presentations



Major  Individual Presentations (incl Group Project)



Written Assessments (Tests{1-2} & Quizzes{3-4})



Classwork [including Homework / Attendance / Participation in additional class exercises  & discussions]






There will be few (IF ANY) opportunities for make-up work, and late submissions may not be read. 



* Statement on Students with Disabilities

It is the policy and practice of Seton Hall University to promote inclusive learning environments. If you have a documented disability (physical, medical, learning or psychiatric—either temporary or permanent)  you may be eligible for reasonable accommodations in compliance with University policy, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and/or the New Jersey Law against Discrimination. Please note, students are not permitted to negotiate accommodations directly with professors. To request accommodations or assistance, please self-identify with the Office for Disability Support Services (DSS) at the beginning of the semester to provide appropriate documentation and collaborate with the development of an accommodation plan. For more information or to register for services, contact DSS at (973) 313-6003 or by e-mail at or refer to website:



COURSE CALENDAR {subject to change via the online version, stay tuned!}


1. The following calendar lists the dates of the units of study and the accompanying readings in the required text.  Additional written assignments, oral activities, worksheets, computer projects, etc. will be added on a day-to-day basis. THE DEFAULT LOCATION  FOR THESE  INFORMATION PAGES WILL BE VIA THE PROFESSOR'S WEBPAGE ( not blackboard) .


2. Classroom time will be devoted primarily to the clarification, exploration, and discussion of the issues generated by the readings and students' research. In other words, class sessions will be based on your readings and research, but will not simply "rehash" the same exact material in a verbatim manner. You can be better prepared for the classroom activities & discussions if you keep up on your readings.

It is the student's responsibility to be prepared for class by anticipating the units and discussion assignments.  NB: Updates and additional details will be made via the online calendar and/or via email.

3.  READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY: The "Presentation Schedule" Procedure:  Slots for the MAJOR presentations are specified  in advance via the online posting of a Presentation Schedule [click here for a sample] .This schedule will list the assigned dates for speakers, evaluators, and recorder operators/technical assistants.  It will be "published" at least one day before the presentations begin--linked to your course calendar as well as via a shortcut on the Professor's main web page. Whenever possible, a copy also will be posted on the Professor's office door. Consequently, students always are expected to be prepared to speak on their assigned date -- NO EXCEPTIONS. **

** Any missed major presentations will default to a DURING-FINALS-WEEK / BRING-YOUR-OWN-AUDIENCE/ APPOINTMENT-ONLY  procedure . Consequently, the opportunity to make up such missed presentations is not guaranteed.** { NB: Only a few make-up slots will be available. Last semester  several people were unable to make up presentation zeros }



 Week of ..


          Unit Of Study

Readings/Assignments due on this date




AS NEEDED: Refer to Textbook's Sample Speeches & Appendices.

 1/9 & 1/11


Intro to Course; Self Presentation Speech; Review details on  upcoming presentations-- esp .Selectives  / Article+Commentary


 Chaps 1 & 2 Getting Started

(Mon = MLK Day) 

  __ & 1/18

 {add/drp ends 1/17}  



Special Occasion Workshop [pre-Test]


Chaps 3 & 4 & 5: Pb.Spk. Basics

Chaps 6 & 7: A-A/Tpcs


1/23 & 1/25



Refining Elements of  Speech Construction (Refresher)

1/23: Post Mortem Reviewers; Quick Highlight:  Chaps 8-16

1/25:  Clarify Art/Cmm; Intro-Conc bookends; Language Styles;


2-creativity & attn

3-use personal insights

4-plan it out

5-relatively brief

6- eloquent -ish


Chaps 8 & 9 & 10: Supports

Chaps 11 & 12 & 13: Org/Outl

Chaps 14 & 15 & 16: I-C-Lang

--------------------------- & ---------------------------

email submission: [+]  "2625/AA Article/CommentaryPlanner"  [click link for assignment sheet]  [due no later than  1/25/17-6pm]  & be sure to use the specific title & section  for your e-mail subject line

--------------------- & -------------------

Accessible only via  BLACKBOARD  /Quiz probably available: 1/25eve-1/28


See Article/Commentary PRESENTATION  SCHEDULE    to be finalized n.l.t. 1/27_pm



Article+Commentary Presentations


 2/6 & 2/8


"What's wrong with this Slide?" workshop & debriefs [using slide shows created during Organization Refresher teamwork]

See links at left for 2 items  due today. Both due BEFORE class session.

tent: Guest Spkr/Career Ctr ( on: 2/8)


n.l.t. MONDAY, 2/6--9:00pm ( orig = 2/5) : email your choice & rationale for “Selectives #1 & 2” [ refer to Chaps 23, 24 , 25, 26, 27 as necessary] . Use this template for your email memo: Selecting Selectives

--------------------- & -------------------

 n.l.t.  MONDAY: 2/6--8:30am:     Each group emails a copy of the 4-5 slide  slide show they have created to illustrate & explain  the item they have been working on { Intro / Conc / Language adaptation}

Chaps 20 & 21 & 22: Pres Aids

  to be finalized n.l.t.  2/8/17

  2/13 & 2/15




Major Presentations: Selective #1  [ 4-5 Minutes tbd]


(Mon = Pres.Day/ Classes Meet)    

 2/20 & 2/22  

                wk 7

2/20 = Intro to Listening contexts; any questions about midterm?

2/22 = MIDTERM Exam (click this link for a specific study sheet)  Midtermb


***Remember to bring in the two(2) assigned Midterm advance questions in HARD COPY / STAPLED form***



 2/27 & 3/1

                 wk 8


One-Two Impromptu


Bring in 2-4 "Adages" {If necessary,  look up definition & examples)

Tent: Assign mini-eths/Company case studies [ prelim findings due via forum posting/email by tbd]

3/6 - 3/11 S P R I NG   B R E A K  

  3/13 & 3/15




Refining Elements of Delivery  ( esp. Nonverbals) - Amy Cuddy / BoardRooom Proxemics

     tent:  panel analysis: KINESICS , PROXEMICS


Chapter 17 & 18 & 19V/NV Delivery
Selective #2 PRESENTATION SCHEDULE   to be finalized n.l.t. 3/15/17


 3/20 & 3/22  




Major Presentations: Selective #2  [ 4-5 Minutes tbd]


  These 4 items should be included at the TOP of your submitted outline for SELECTIVE #2
1 What is the specific item of feedback you received from SELECTIVE #1 that stood out the most to you?
{received either from Professor or a Peer}
2 What is one specific way this item is being addressed in your approach to SELECTIVE #2?
3. Of the 6+ "Organizational Arrangements" mentioned in your textbook (Ch12), which one have you chosen
 for this speech? Explain Why?
4. Of the 7 tips for "Methods of Delivery" mentioned in your textbook ( Ch17) , which three(3) are you intending to utilize in this presentation?

Accessible only via  BLACKBOARD  / Quiz prob. available: 3/21-3/24



3/27 & 3/29    


_Complete Selectives Q & A/POST MORTEM: What have you learned?

_Continue Nonverbal Basics:   SOBL

_Business Communication Expectations (Tales from the Conference. Part II [ presentation faux pas)

TENT: Slide workshop-- Before & After ( via pairs)

TENT: Organizational Pattern brushup

3/29 _ Impromptu Sales, not quite


Chaps  23 & 24 & 25 & 26:   Inf-Pers


extra credit opportunity #1 Find & analyze & email a Shark Tank clip . Details announced in class . ( email your submission  with link & rationale due no later than 4/1/17)

tbd[tent]  – deadline for you & your partner's short list of business contexts for your chosen ethnographic examination via case study

  Be sure to note the upcoming Webcam Presentation deadlines ( see list at right)
by 3/30 @ 6pm : Partner requests  [eml]
by 4/2 @ 9pm: Company selections [eml]
by 4/7 @ noon: Company Case Studies eml]
on 4/10 & 4/12 @day of presentation Outline/Agenda  [h.c.]

 4/3 & 4/5 


 Continue "working: Organizational patterns via teams


Shark Tank critiques-- clips to discussed  are: ( current list / links being confirmed)

for 4/3 > Drs Amini {RoloDoc} --   -works}

{orig link = start at 20:00  link might not work}


 Matt Canepa & Pat Pezet {Grinds}   -works}

AND, if time---

 ght not work}


for   4/5 >

Johnny Georges  {Tree T-PEE}    -works}


Andrea Sreshta & Anna Stork {luminAID pt2}



>  Charles Michael Yim {breathometer}--

or   works better w/  Frfx or Chrme}


 alt ver:

{orig link =  link might not work}


2 - Stephan A______ { Tower Paddle Boards}    

Short ver

& long ver



if time:



if time

Please try to view these clips prior to the class session.



Chaps  28 & 29 & 30 & 31:   Beyond Clsrm

Please try to view these listed videoclips prior to the class session. Specific Evaluation worksheets will be distributed in class

  leftover: to squeeze in:

*Aaron Krause  {Scrub Daddy}                             -works}


Marc Newburger & Jeffrey Simon {Drop Stop}


Dominique McClain Barteet {Onesole}   shrt ver -


_son & mom(Judy)_____{squatty potty }




WEBCAM REPORTS PRESENTATION SCHEDULE     page to be updated- n.l.t.4/7/17


  4/10 & 4/12   


Webcam pres ( 4-5 teams @ day) 


Darrin Johnson { Bluetooth Implant } -works}


(No class Easter Mon)

   ___ & 4/19




tent:4/19: Listening brush up Part 1 (Interactive Listening: Webcam pres PM’s

4/19: GMAP - begin working on CapStone Presentations


 4/19:Interactive Listening Activity ( be prepared for your role)

4/19: Chapter 4

Accessible only via  BLACKBOARD  / Quiz available: 4/18late-4/21

 4/24 & 4/26



Webcam pres PM’s, cont; GMAP

Listening brush up Part 2


extra credit opportunity #2  Video Self Critique


Last official class session 



Elevator Speeches; GMAP


Capstone Campaign Presentation Schedule





Section AA


Final Exam Session =  Weds 5/3/17  @2:30-4:30 -

Grp Competitive Campaign Presentations  (all 3-4)  ["post-course Test"]


>>Online "Take Home"  Final Exam due no later than  Sunday 4/7--aft.<< Click link for Study Preview Sheet  


Accessible only via  BLACKBOARD  /  available: TBA/tent 5/4/17-5/7/17


PRELIMINARY LIST OF RECOMMENDED READINGS:  ( ongoing updates) ( recommendations welcome)


>>>>How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

>>>> Presence: Bring your boldest self to your biggest challenges, Amy Cuddy   ( SHE'S THE ONE IN THE T.E.D. TALK)

> >>>Making Conflict Work, Peter T. Coleman & Robert Ferguson

>>>> You Boss is not your Mother, Debra Mandel




(c) 2017

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AND > Stephan A___ { Tower Paddle Boards} Short ver & long ver