Commonly used abbreviations

Below are several abbreviations that I tend to use when evaluating speeches, tests & similar written work. A few of the terms apply to oral delivery.


w.p.m. = WORDS-PER-MINUTE (measurement for rate of speaking)

E & E = ENERGY & ENTHUSIASM (referring to quality of speaker's delivery

A-G =  ATTENTION GETTER (the first item in the standard "formula" for a speech introduction)

O-O-O or P-O-D  or O-P= "ORDER-OF-ORGANIZATION / PATTERN-OF-DEVELOPMENT / ORGANIZATIONAL PATTERN"     [ i.e. the indication of your BODY's strategic organizational pattern:  such as Topical, Spatial, Chronological, Causal, Problem-Solution, Motivated Sequence, Criteria-Satisfaction, etc. etc ]


RFM = "READING FOR MEANING"  [ i.e. as in Oral Interpretation, the way that you read the writer's words reflects your comprehension of the theme and language techniques. You are saying the words in a manner that demonstrates you are "seeing, feeling, and understanding" their meaning .]


T.O.V = "TONE OF VOICE" [ i.e. This is a reference to vocal variety  &/or vocal inflections that "color" the words that we say. This is a major component of the nonverbal channel known as Paralanguage. Also, it is a major tool in the accomplishment of Metacommunication. ]


W.I.F.M.? = "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?" [ i.e. This is a reference to listeners' common thought pattern  whenever exposed to an oral message. An effective communicator knows about this and inserts subtle, yet explicit motivations for the listener to listen & benefit from the oral message being presented. ]



C/C = "COMPARISON/CONTRAST"  [i.e. this refers to the analytical structure where the speaker (writer) discusses the similarities {comparison} and the differences {contrast} between two entities. Usually structured by citing certain specific factors that are present in both entities and then positioning the factors side-by-side in order to accomplish a point by point explanation ( = the comparison/contrast).

DAQ = "DOESN'T ANSWER THE QUESTION" [ i.e. what you wrote does not address the actual question that was asked]

I.R. "INTERPRETING RESPONSE"  [ i.e.  what you wrote is actually an example of a conversational technique to express or to impose an interpretation/explanation/ opinion on the situation being discussed. This is NOT the same thing as a paraphrase.]

K "AWKWARD WORDING/PHRASING"  [ i.e. the way you have phrased this has not been done as clearly or as smoothly as it could have been]


NR  = "NOT READ"  [ i.e. this answer was not read/graded because you have already  answered the required number of questions for this section]


Na = "NOT APPLICABLE" [ i.e. what you wrote is not applicable to this question/answer ]


NN = "NOT NECESSARILY" [ i.e. what you wrote MIGHT happen but it is not  the only or the main characteristic for this  concept ]

NQ = "NOT QUITE" [i.e. parts of your answer are applicable but you haven't accurately (or completely)  reflected the core point and the key factor(s) to demonstrate full understanding. You are "in the ball park", but not yet headed to "home plate" ]

OK, but…  = [ i.e. what you wrote is tangentially connected to the correct answer, but it is not totally accurate (e.g. is misleading, is technically correct but not the main idea,etc.)]


OT  =   "OFF TOPIC"  [ i.e. What you wrote is going off the point of the question that was originally asked & is going into other material/concepts. ] 

P.C."PERCEPTION CHECKING"  [ i.e. What you wrote is actually an example of a  conversational technique for checking to see whether or not your perception about a situation (or utterance)  is the same how it is being perceived by your fellow communicator(s). ]

PR-DDT = "POSSIBLE RESULT but DOESN'T DEFINE TERM" [ i.e. What you wrote is a possible result or occurrence within this concept but it doesn't actually define the term itself. ]


Syn "SYNONYM NEEDED"  [ i.e. the word you wrote is too similar to the word  you're defining/explaining, so I cannot determine is you really understand it] 



W ?  OR WW= "WORD CHOICE? [ i.e. the word you wrote has a meaning either  connotation or denotation ) that doesn't seem to fit well here. Are you sure this is the word you meant to use? ]






et al. =  "AND THE REST OF THEM"

N.F.R.  =  "NO FURTHER READING..." [ i.e. I have stopped reading your paper at this point because there are too many continual errors] {concept borrowed from Fr Milewski!}





 updated 10/2014