All  About  the  Tests  &  Assessments:  in  Senior Seminar / Comm Studies









> The 3-4 BLACKBOARD Assessments (i.e. Check-up Quizzes) are a distinctive part of the Evaluation portion of this course. Your scores in these assessments will be averaged in with your grades in the 2 in-class tests (see study sheets linked below).  The aggregate of these assessment  items will comprise  about  30 % of your semester grade.   Log in to your Blackboard account to take the online quizzes. See the announcement for each quiz to find out the specific material being covered in that particular online assessment. NB: A current procedure for accessing your past quizzes for study purposes is linked to the Professor's webpage [within the left-side column]. However,  Blackboard procedures sometimes change ,so in order to ensure that you can access the online quizzes for future study purposes, you may want to print them out BEFORE the end of the posting "window'. 



> click link for the Study/Info. Sheet for in-class Test #1 {Mid (3/4) term} updated for S'18


> click link for the Study/Info. Sheet for in-class Test #2 {Final}   updated for S/18-OUTCOMES ASSESSMENT INFO APPLIES TO EVEYONE!!