times & dates will be UPDATED FOR Spring 2018 -  most recent update = 2/19/18-8:30am




Exam Week Schedule -_______ __________- -   Dr. Plummer




NOTE: THE OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE UP MISSED PRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE GUARANTEED because several factors need to align: the student's schedule, the Professor's schedule, the availability of an empty classroom, and the cooperative presence of an audience  {THAT THE  STUDENT HAS  TO COMPILE} of at least 10.    Speakers can combine audience members in order to reach the minimum number of 10,  but that means all listeners must stay for all of those presentations.


click for additional information concerning requesting a make up slot.


Make-up Slots for Speeches & Presentations needed to be requested by email ASAP - but definitely no later than _12/12/17_ - 2pm.  At that time, any unclaimed slots have been  removed.



___Wednesday    12/13/17__________________________________________



           Make up slot: 12:45 - 12:55__________________________________   location tba * see below               1:10-1:20 _________________ _______________ locatio

           Make up slot: 1:00-1:10 ____________________________________   location tba * see below   I MIGHT HAVE A MEETING


           Make up slot: 1:15-1:25 ____________________________________   location tba * see below  I MIGHT HAVE A MEETING                         

        1:30- 2:10 -  Office hour   [if I'm not in my office, check adjacent rooms & with dept sec'y in FH23. See note below]


        ►► 2:30pm -4:30pm - exam session: COMM 2625-AA (Publ&Prof-)-- FH58A  


          Make up slot: 4:35-4:45 ______Abraham Siddiqui { Sel1 & A/C}___________  location tba * see below


          Make up slot: 4:50-5:00 _____Chris Leno_{Sel2}_____________________  location tba * see below









___Friday    12/15/17________________________________________________



           ►11:15- 11:45 -  Office hour   [if I'm not in my office, check adjacent rooms & with dept sec'y in FH23. See note below.] 


          Make up slot: 11:55-12:05 _________________________________  location tba * see below


          Make up slot: 12:10-12:20 _____Julia Tumino_{Inf}__________  FH58A



          ►► 12:20pm -2:20pm - exam: COMM 1600-LS (Oral Communication) -- FH58A


                Make up slots: 2:30-2:40 ___________________________  location tba * see below

                Make up slots: 2:45-2:55 ___________________________  location tba * see below










__Monday - 12/18/17-_____________________________________________________



             9:30 - 10:00 VERY tentative Office hour   (call/email  to confirm)       



           ►► 10:10am -12:10pm -  exam session: COMM 2625-BB (Publ&Prof-)-- FH58A  

           Make up slots:  12:20-12:30 _______________________  location tba * see below


                                                      12:30-12:40 _______________________  location tba * see below








               "Office hour"  [ I do not hold formal office hours during exam week. Mostly likely, I will be stopping by my office only briefly at these times. Also, you can check adjacent rooms & with the dept. sec'y if you need to find me for a quick question or to drop something off. ]







    * = The regular classroom may not be available. In those situations, scheduled speakers & their audiences  should find an empty classroom somewhere in FAHY HALL & then come and get me.


 Remember, the ability to make up a presentation is not guaranteed. Also remember, it is the speaker's responsibility to compile an achieve commitment from the required number of listeners.








 Make-up Slots will be assigned with consideration of priority as determined by the reason for absence/missed presentation [ see list below]. Requests should be emailed ASAP - but definitely no later than 12/12/17-2pm.  At that time, any unclaimed slots  "disappeared."


 If you are given a slot, you will receive a confirmation email but it is your responsibility to monitor this page for any changes & updates.



Remember:  MINUMUM AUDIENCE SIZE = 10. Otherwise, you will be unable to make up your presentation.

However, you can combine audiences with a classmate if all parties agree to remain for both speakers.




Fall 2017 candidates:  ( please note that any priorities labels do NOT guarantee there will be a slot available for you)


Priority Red: (highest)   Nomani ( A/C); McCole ( Sel1)

Priority Blue: (Moderate)  ( Gilbert (A/C) ;

Priority Green: (Minimal) Charles * A/C; Quinn (A/C0

 Priority Gray: (Lowest) 


 If you need to make up a presentation and you are not already listed above with a priority designation, YOU SHOULD  EMAIL ME A REQUEST FOR A SPECIFIC SLOT.  This only applies to people who missed prior to the cut-off date which was imposed mid-semester.


***Please note that slots not reserved by_12/12/17 - 2:00pm  will be  removed***



































 see day'sagenda


   Make up slots:  2:25-2:35 __________________________  location tba * see below


                                   2:40-2:50 __________________________  location tba * see below