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 EXAM SESSION:    F R I D A Y   5/5/17-- [12:20am-2:20pm] =  FH-58A


Several things will be accomplished during today's session:

    3 final presentations  (SEE SEQUENCE BELOW)


    Return of graded "Observation Portfolios" [as many as possible*]            


    Submission of Test #3 (optional)    





















































































COST2622 - CC =  


M O N    5/2/05 ---[8:45am-10:25am] --- CC =  FH-58A


 On Mon. 5/2/05 at 8:35:  SECTION CC

   8:35-8:45  [NOTE EARLY START] > Hand in your completed copy of the "General Course Evaluation Form" to the volunteer monitor: ______Amy_________  

                 >       5 Point Pentagon         sets up for its presentation.


   8:50-9:20 > Final Presentation:          5 Point Pentagon     

                      [if time. Oral Post Mortem via designated evaluators] 

   9:25-9:55 > Final Presentation:         : 6 degrees of Communication                                                                                               [if time. Oral Post Mortem via designated evaluators] 

   10:00 - 10:25Final Presentation: :     Minority Report        

                                          [if time. Oral Post Mortem via designated evaluators]


   @ 10:25  > Submission of optional Take Home tests ( #3)  


               >* (tent) Return of  some graded Final Observation Portfolios.

               > Volunteer custodian collects all remaining Course Evaluation Forms.  Delivers envelope to Communication Dept. (FH-49)