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 SHORTCUT TO: this semester's ObsPort document (currently linked = S17)


P R O J E C T    R A T I O N A L E:


Think of this portfolio project as your job application for the position of: 

CGC {"Chief Group Consultant"}.


The term, Portfolio, usually refers to a collection of work created by an individual

in order to demonstrate his/her talent and accomplishments in a particular area. 


 Consequently, your "Observation Portfolio" submission will demonstrate your individual skill in observing, understanding, and analyzing various group AND individual communication interactions.  The quality of your skills in these three areas will determine the grade & whether or not I would "hire" you (hypothetically) as a  CGC  .





 DETAILS FOR  THIS SEMESTER'S OBSERVATION PORTFOLIO Sect.AA-S'17 [as revised from the initial version]

This version of the assignment ( Version 3 ) is linked above. 


In brief the final product = one (1) Introductory essay + four(4) analytical observation entries.