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> CHAPTER QUIZZES: For Spring 17, several Chapter quizzes  (approx. 10) will be completed & submitted through  REVEL -- the  online application which accompanies the Working-In-Groups, 7e textbook. These scores will be transferred to Blackboard and computed into your classwork/assignments  scores. These quizzes timed to be due before that topic is going to be addressed in class. The due dates are listed in the week-by-week course calendar and will be evident when you log into REVEL .




> PROFESSOR'S COMPILATION QUIZZES: Over the course of the semester,  there will be 2-3 check-up quizzes in which the Professor combines material covered in several chapters, slide shows, and class notes. These quizzes are located directly in Blackboard and an announcement will be posted during the period of time that the compilation quiz is accessible. The announcement also will list the specific material being covered in that particular assessment.  The scores for these compilation quizzes will be averaged with the grades you receive on the two(2) in-class TESTS (see study sheets linked below). The aggregate of the quiz/test scores will constitute approximately 25-30% of your semester grade.


NB: A procedure for accessing your past online quizzes for study purposes is linked to the Professor's webpage (within the column on the left). However, Blackboard protocols change from time to time so, the listed procedure might or might not be valid. In order to ensure continued access to that material, you may want to print out your scored quizzes.





> WRITTEN TESTS: Currently, two(2) "major" tests are planned.  Test #1 will be structured like a Midterm and will be given in class.   Test #2  currently is planned to be given in class near the end of the semester. The scheduled final exam session will be used for the groups' final major presentations. Refer to the Course calendar for any changes to these planned procedures.



> click link for the Study/Info. Sheet for in-class Test #1 S17curr. linked


> click link for the Study/Info. Sheet for in-class Test #2  S17 linked