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         nonverbal insight diary-S'15    an individual, semester Portfolio assignment



Project summary:                

   contents an 6-8 item packet: 4-6 insight entries {approx 1 page @}   AND an introductory statement about your rationale {1-2 pp.}  AND  a concluding statement discussing how you will apply this insight to your own personal and/or professional life: now and/or in the future.

    final version due:  see date in online course calendar 

   format:  typed/printed hardcopy, stapled, normal fonts-&-margins   





     1 - Select a "thin Slice" [also see pp. ___tba____ ]* from among the large area of nonverbal channels/theories/ principles [ do not select more than 2 thin slices]. Select  a specific area that interests you--for whatever reason.


      2 -  Educate yourself by reading more deeply in your selected area. Consult your textbook as well as research articles & studies {search in appropriate databases ( e.g. Pyschlit, Sociofile, etc ) 


      3 -  conduct your observations & analyses both formally [ e.g. via an experiment that you create] & informally [ e.g. via people watching in "natural" contexts]


      4 - Complete your observations , consider your insights, apply the research, write up your entries.


      5 - Submit your introductory statement & one preliminary entry-- as part of the midterm exam


     6 - Submit your completed diary  ( all 6 -8 parts) by due date.




 Content details:    


 1 - An introductory entry  (1-2 pages long)  in which you explain your rationales: WHY you chose that particular "thin slice" and WHY you think it warrants your study.


 2 - "Diary" entries:  each one = a discussion of one specific observation including an explanation about how your "thin slice"  item functioned in a real world setting. Most entries will be  2-3 well-organized paragraphs long [i.e. approx. 1 page] .


 3 - A concluding statement (1-2 pages long)  in which you discuss how the insights you have gathered through this project will  likely affect  communication & behaviors-- both now & in the foreseeable future.


4- Both the Midterm & the  final Portfolio submissions should be typed/double-spaced.


 5 - Use the checklist below to see if your insight diary is ready for its final submission


  6 - Recommended: In order to  accomplish the final grading, you should attach the items  returned from the Midterm  (showing the Professor's comments)







 Grading details:


1 - Remember,  these are INSIGHTS not merely observational reports. Higher grades will be given to entries that include reference &/or application to previous research in that area.


2- Diaries will be graded "holistically"-  which means with an emphasis on quality  & perceptiveness , not quantity.  





 Samples of "thin slice" topics: [ongoing updates to list]


> The "Law of the QUEUE" in Western Culture

> Our cars as extensions of our personal proxemics

> The use of color in Restaurant design.

> The different ways that  different cultures/co-cultures  notice tone-of-voice

>ANY of the topics on the "Nonverbal In The News" page












Checklist-- Am I ready to submit my final  Insight Diary??? 



   Item / Part

 how many required?


Am I aware of the submission dates for the Midterm version & for the Final Version?[typed/double-spaced]

Midterm= 1 entry mandatory /2 items preferred : a draft of the Introductory Statement AND at least one diary entry 

[to be submitted for review & feedback  {DUE on day of Midterm exam-3/4/15 OR 3/18/15 - tbd} ( orig sched  week 8)

Final = the entire packet [submitted for grading] {DUE: last day of class - 5/4/15}



 Part I: Introductory Statement



Part II: Insight entries

   4   (6 maximum-for extra credit) {entries should be dated & written over the course of the semester}  


Part III:Concluding Statement



annotated materials from midterm submission

  1 + 1 (showing the comments received from the Professor)