Group Research Project: Nonverbal Intelligence for the 21st Century:




Group’s goal: To present, defend & instruct their classmates about their choice in answer to this core question:  “What’s the most important NV skill (to be able to encode as well as decode ) in the contemporary world?”



Activity’s rationale: Intensive research into NV as a distinct realm of Communication has been going on for several decades although NV coding actually constitutes the original (primal) means that humans have used to communicate. This means that in the contemporary, 21st century world, our use of nonverbal communication retains some of its primal/natural origins but these days we  often require training or awareness-building in order to fully see, understand, & utilize these nonverbal instincts. 



End Product: a 30 minute presentation in which the group…

… explains the significance of their chosen item

… provides argumentation [ including supporting source citations] as to why their chosen item qualifies as the MOST important NV skill for the 21st century

… leads the class through an activity/exercise designed to build that skill.  (or at least, to increase

          awareness of the skill)

… submits to the professor: <all due prior to giving the presentation>

             (1) a presentation outline –

             (2) a Bibliography –

             (3) (if applicable) slide print out/screen shot of key visuals –

             (4) (if applicable) a copy of any handout being distributed to the class



How to Get to the End Product: Each group will figure this out for itself. There will be some class time allotted for groups to meet & plan but it is expected that group members will need to be in contact outside of class as well.