Thomas R. Rondinella    

Associate Professor

Seton Hall University Department of Communication



Greetings and welcome to my site.  I have worked in video and film production for the past 22 years in all aspects as writer, director, producer and editor. Read my bio.  or   Look me up  on the International Movie Database.

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OFFICE:  B26 (Basement of Fahy Hall)


COBF 3223  Television Production II    TR  10:00 - 11:30

COBF 4224  Television Production IV      TR    2:30 -  4:00

Pirate TV meeting every Thursday at 9 am in my office



 TR 12:00 - 2:00 PM

Other days/times available by appointment only

COURSES TAUGHT   (most recently updated syllabus)

COBF 2223 Television Production I (Fall 2007)

COBF 3223 Television Production II  (Spring 2008)

COBF 3224 Television Production III   (Fall 2007)

COBF 4224 Television Production IV  (Spring 2008)

COBF 2222 Introduction to Visual Theory (Summer 2007)

COBF 3222 Introduction to Film Production (Spring 2007)

COBF 4222 Advanced Film Production  (Fall 2007)

COBF 2222 TV & Film Writing  (Summer 2005)

COJR 4424 Broadcast News    (Fall 2003)  

COTC 1131 Mass Communication  (Summer 2004)

                             Professional Links

My latest completed production (May 2007)  "The Family Rubin" Production photos

My newest project - "Scrappers"   An article on our March trip to Nebraska.

Website for my production company, Catfish Studios

Variety's Charming Billy Review

Production stills from Charming Billy

Check info on Barriers, another  feature film editing credit.

Of course, there is Blades, the best killer lawnmower film ever made!     Blades poster

Blades review

Crew photo from Public Safety PSA with actor, James Rebhorn

Production photos from "A Relaxing Day at the Beach", a short I produced September 2004

Link to my latest feature production  "Unholy"  Shooting January 2005, starring Adrienne Barbeau and Nicholas Brendon.  Here is a link to an article on the film in Fangoria Magazine and this periodical.   Unholy poster

Production photos from "Faces of Addiction"  produced in February 2005. 

A fun movie mogul fantasy game, Hollywood Stock Exchange, where I have a portfolio closing in on $800 million.

Great resource for freelance video and film work,

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