COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course is more than a liberal arts course. It is designed to build on the skills of field and studio television production learned in TV Production II, to develop these skills of conceptualizing, producing, directing, shooting and editing.


This course is patterned after a real job experience. Students will be assigned to a crew and be given specific projects with specific deadlines.  Production is a team effort; the student must coordinate his/her efforts with the teams. There are no one person shows in the television industry; the student will be graded on his/her individual efforts within the group as well as how well the group performs.


ASSIGNMENTS: Each student will produce a 10 minute non-fiction video production.  This production is 75% produced in the field and 25% produced in the studio.   Each person in the group serves as writer/producer/director, cameraperson/technical director and audio/floor manager.  Factored into this grade are two production progress grades through out the semester.  Positions are rotated in the group.  40% of grade


In addition, each group produces a remote exercise consisting of continuity, lighting and interview.  10% of grade.  The content is a promo piece for Pirate TV to edited and aired during the semester. 


Each student will write a proposal, treatment and write a script for a short video project. 20% of grade.


Each student is required to spend 10 hours videotaping, editing and/or field producing on location for Pirate TV.  20% of grade


Crew work, attendance and summation paper.  The summation paper is an honest assessment of how the group worked together throughout the semester.    10% of grade


All written assignments are submitted electronically.  No hard copies will be accepted. 


Students are also expected to meet for group production meeting with me outside of class time at 9:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday in my office when scheduled. 


As stated above, video production is a cooperative medium.  Any student deemed disruptive or uncooperative working with fellow crew members will be asked to drop the course.  The work load is heavy. Students will work on several projects at a time: count on AT LEAST five hours a week work outside of class.  If the student can't do it, drop the course.  I am a professional and will treat the student with a professional attitude and expect professionalism from the student.  Students only learn by doing.


Now, the rules: this class starts on time; students will be penalized for tardiness.


2) Students MUST meet the deadlines.  In an actual job, a late assignment would get a person fired - I'll just deduct one letter grade each class. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO EXCEPTIONS.


There is no text book for this course.


PRODUCTION SCHEDULE (subject to change, except where bold)


Sep.   6  Re- introduction to Video Production, expectations,

               Final project treatments and/or scripts due


Sep.  11   Pre-production, remote script format, Group assignments      


Sep.  13  Remote Equipment -camera and audio review  w/ Mr. Wicki    

               Promo treatments due


Sep.  18   Remote equipment lighting   Promo scripts due


Sep.  20   Remote lighting workshop  Promo shooting begins, Final project scripts due


Sep.  25   Art of Production:  review the three continuities


Sep.  27   Art of Production:  set management


Oct.    2   Editing Rm. Review by groups,   Promo footage due                                                     


Oct.    4   Group meetings: Production 1 -4 final project review, start all field shooting                           final projects,  studio floor plans due,  


Oct.    9   Studio Production 1


Oct.   11   Studio Production 2   


Oct.   16   Studio Production  3


Oct.   18    Studio Production  4


Oct.   23    Class meeting:   Promo cuts due  Group meetings: Production 5 -8 final                        project review, studio floor plans due


Oct.   25      Studio Production  5


Oct.   30      Studio Production 6


Nov.    1     Studio Production 7


Nov.    6    Studio Production 8


Nov.    8    Cuts of Production 1, 2, 3, 4   Due

                  Group meetings:Production 9 -12 final project review, studio floor plans due 


Nov.  13   Studio Production 9


Nov.  15   Studio Production 10                                                                                                          

Nov.  20    Studio Production 11  


Nov.  27   Cuts of Production 5, 6, 7, 8 Due,   Reshoot discussion


Nov.  29    Studio Production 12  


Dec.    4   Cuts of Production  9, 10, 11, 12


Dec.    6   Reshoots in Studio, Re cut review


Dec.  11    Class meeting review cuts final projects


Dec.    exam week      10:45  assessment papers due, final written feature scripts                                                                 due, final productions due