COBF 2223 AA  STUDIO TELEVISION I  FH35   TR 1:00-2:15


Off:   FH 26  ph. 275-5837 SHU email: RondinTh


COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Students learn the craft of studio television production by lecture and hands-on execution of the various crew positions while producing an exercise script.  The following material is covered throughout the semester: Overview of Television production, The production team, Orientation to equipment, The Script, Setting and Lighting and Exercise production.


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS:  This course is patterned after a real job experience.  The student will be assigned to a production position during the exercise production and be given specific duties.  Students will be evaluated each time he or she performs a production job.  These jobs are:



Technical Director (Switcher)

Associate Director

Audio Engineer

Audio Assist

Floor Manager

Assistant Floor manager

Host #1

Host #2

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 5


Video operator



These positions are averaged together for the semester - 60% of final grade. 


Production is a team effort; the student must coordinate his/her efforts with the teams.  There are no one-person shows in the television industry. Therefore, the student will be graded on his/her individual efforts within the production.


 In addition, students are required to attend three lab sessions during the semester and to work 10 hours a semester on Pirate TV productions throughout the semester.

 20% of grade.   This is graded A or F.  Failure to fully complete PTV hours results in a failure.


A proposal, treatment and first draft of script for an original studio production.

20% of grade.


There is no midterm or final exam.           There is no text for the course. 


Now, the rules:


1)   One half of a grade is deducted from CP grade for each absence during the lecture period, no exceptions.  If a student misses a production, they receive a F for the day.   If a student misses class, the student must call 973-275-5837 or email me BEFORE CLASS as a courtesy.  Also, this class starts on time; students will be penalized for tardiness. If you are late more than 5 minutes for productions, donít bother coming.  You have missed your assignment and you have received a F. 


2)   Playback of the Exercise program at the end of each production session is part of the course.  A student who leaves the screening room before end of playback will receive a F.


3)   The instructor is a professional and will treat the students with a professional attitude and expect the same from them.  Any attempt to use the non-traditional "classroom" situation during actual production as an opportunity for childish behavior will not be tolerated.  Students deemed disruptive by the professor will be asked to drop the course. 


4)  All equipment should be used gently and left in the same condition as it was at the beginning of the class.  At the end of a production session, camera operators must secure their cameras, roll them out of harms way, and coil the cables neatly on the hose racks on the wall behind the cameras.  Camera operators and floor manager must neatly store their headsets and intercom cables in the designated places.


Class Schedule (subject to change except where bold)


Sep.  6  Syllabus review


Sep. 11   The production team


Sep. 13    The production process,   proposal form given


Sep.  18    The production schedule   


Sep.  20    The Camera


Sep.  25    Audio/ Control room with Mr. Wicki / The camera continued


Sep.  27    Audio/ Control room with Mr. Wicki / The camera continued


Oct.   2    The approach to the script (Give out TWT script) 

                  proposal due, treatment assigned.


Oct.   4    The visualization and script mark up


Oct.   9   Lighting and the production positions




Oct.   16    FIRST STUDIO PROD. #1   Treatment due  


Oct.   18     STUDIO PROD. #2   


Oct.   23    STUDIO PROD. #3


Oct.   25     STUDIO PROD. #4


Oct.   30     STUDIO PROD. #5


Nov.    1     STUDIO PROD. #6     


Nov.    6     STUDIO PROD. #7 


Nov.    8   STUDIO PROD. #8


Nov.  13   STUDIO PROD. #9  First draft scripts due (optional)


Nov.  15    STUDIO PROD. #10


Nov.  20    STUDIO PROD. #11


Nov.  27    STUDIO PROD. #12


Nov.  29    STUDIO PROD.  #13


Dec.    4   STUDIO PROD.  #14  


Dec.    6   STUDIO PROD. #15    Final drafts scripts due


Dec.   11    STUDIO PROD. #16


EXAM WEEK   Reserved for snow days/emergencies