(973) 275-5837






Master of Fine Art, Film Production, New York University, October 1984.  Recipient: Paulette Goddard Scholarship.


Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, History, Seton Hall University, May 1981.




SETON HALL UNIVERSITY - Associate professor, South Orange, N.J.   Communication Dept.: 2003 to present, Assistant professor: 1997 to 2003, Adjunct: 1986-1994,   One yr. appointment – 1996.


Introduction to Film Production- introductory 16mm film production, 1994 -2005, 2007.


Advanced Film Production – HDV and 16mm film production, 1994 – 2003, 2006-2007.


Creative Film II - advanced sync sound 16mm film production, 1994, 1997.


TV/Film Writing - principles of narrative screenwriting, 1998 - 2005.


Introduction to Visual Theory and Technique - includes introductory digital filmmaking, 1994 - 2006.


Television Production I – introductory studio production, 1996 -2003, 2005-2006.


Television Production II –students create original television programming, 1997 – 2004, 2006 - 2008.


Television Production III - introductory digital video EFP remote production, 1986 - 1989, 1996 – 2006.


Television Production IV - advanced digital video EFP and ENG remote production, 1986 -1989, 1997 - 2008.


Broadcast News - advanced television newscast, 2001 - 2003.


Mass Communication - theory and survey of medium, 1997 - 2004.


FELICIAN COLLEGE, Lodi, N.J.  English Dept.  Half-time instructor – 1993 – 1996,   Adjunct -1986 - 1993.


Fundamentals of Journalism I and II - study of the styles of news writing, 1995- 1996.


Introduction to Mass Media - survey lecture course covering film, television, advertising and radio, 1986-1991, 1994, 1996.


Effective Speech - Introductory oral communications, 1993, 1996.


Cinema in Literature - comparative study, 1986-1992, 1994, 1996.


Evolution of the Moving Image - History of narrative film, 1996.



Communication Dept., Instructor - 1997 - 1998.


16mm Film Editing - principles and practices of editing, 1997- 1998.


Advanced 16mm Production - Sync sound narrative production, 1997 - 1998. 


NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, New York, New York.  Film Dept. - Adjunct professor, 1985, 1989.


Narrative Film I - 16mm sync sound color film production, 1989.


Beginning Radio Workshop - narrative radio production, 1985.


Advanced Radio Workshop - narrative radio production, 1985.




PRODUCER – “Good Day For It” Nazz Films, currently in pre-production.  2008.


PRODUCER – “Sold” Catfish Studios, currently in pre-production.  2008.


PRODUCER – “Morris County”, Reluctant Pictures, currently in post production. 2008.


PRODUCER -  “Unholy”  SkyWhisper Films, starring Adrienne Barbeau and Nicholas Brendon (Xander of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer)   2006.  Video/DVD Distributor: Anchor Bay Entertainment, released September 2007.


PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE - Nazz Films Inc.  Currently involved with pre-production for feature film projects, "Piney Lake“and "Nebraska Fish and Game" Duties include film festival coordination, budgeting, scouting and locations. 2004 - present.


MANAGING PARTNER – Mohawkfilms Inc.  Currently in active pre-production on feature dv projects, “Ghouls” and “Sold”.  Duties will include producing, picture editing and supervising post production, 2002 – present.


VICE PRESIDENT/TREASURER – SledgehammerMFA Films Inc.  Recently optioned feature screenplay “Winter Blood” to Nazz Productions. 


PRODUCER/CO-STORY/PICTURE EDITOR - "Charming Billy”, SledgeHammer MFA Films, Mohawk films, Beech Hill Films – 1999.  Premiere: 21st Independent Feature Film Market – 1999; Screened at AFI – L.A. International Film Festival – 1999, Boston Film Festival – 2000, Northhampton Film Festival – 2000, Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival - 2000, Tambay Film Festival- 2000, Durango Film Festival – 2000, Route 66 Film Festival - 2002; Invited to Sarasota Film Festival – 2000.  Video/DVD premiere-Spring 2001, Wellspring Entertainment. Cable premiere- Fall 2003, Independent Film Channel.


SCREENWRITER – “Man of the Cloth”, Summer 1998, second draft Summer 1999, third draft Summer 2000, currently at agencies.


PICTURE EDITOR - “Barriers”, AB Film Productions, 1998. Distributed on video – Waterbearer Films, 1998.


PICTURE EDITOR - "Charlie Hoboken” starring Austin Pendleton and Tovah Feldshuh; Mazzioti Productions, 1998.  Distributed theatrically by Northern Arts, 1998.



Hanlon, Producer. Video distribution by Peacock Films. 1997


PICTURE EDITOR - "The Murder" aka."The Ballad of Susannah Cox",   Linda Tadic, Producer, 1996.


PICTURE EDITOR- "Drop a Dime” Scott Lerner, Producer, 1996.


PICTURE EDITOR/SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR-" Fool and His Money" starring Sandra Bullock, Jonathan Penner; Chronicle Films, Distributed by Vidmark, 1994.


PICTURE EDITOR - “Midnight Rendevous" a.k.a. "Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid",   Denis Zervos, Producer.  Distributed by Omega Entertainment, 1993.


DIALOGUE EDITOR - "The Shaman", Gabe Von Dettre, Producer, 1993.


PICTURE EDITOR/SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR - "Lust for Freedom”, Eric Louzil, Producer. Distributed theatrically and video by Troma Films, 1992.


DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER/PICTURE EDITOR: "University Score", Six Shooter Films, Tom G. & William R. Pace, Producers - 1990.  Premiered at 1990 Houston Film Festival.  Foreign Distributor: D.B. Media, Cablecast:  USA Network - Summer 1993.


DIRECTOR/CO-WRITER/PICTURE EDITOR:  "Blades", Finegan Intl. Motion Pictures, John Finegan, Producer - 1988.  Video Release: Home Media, May 1990.  Cablecast: Cinemax, October 1990.


CO-WRITER - ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY:  "All's Fair", Jon Gordon, Producer -1988; starring George Segal and Sally Kellerman.  Theatrical Release: Moviestore Entertainment. Cablecast: 1991.


PICTURE EDITOR/SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR - "Severance",   Euphoria Films, Distributed by Monarch Video, 1988.


SOUND EDITOR - "Scared Stiff”, Daniel F. Bacaner, Producer. Distributed theatrically and on video by Republic Pictures, 1986.


PICTURE EDITOR/SUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR/ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/SECOND UNIT DIRECTOR - "Girls' School Screamers",   Bandit Productions.  Distributed by Troma Films theatrically and on video, 1985.





PRESIDENT – Catfish Studios. Specializing in corporate/industrial/training video production and film post production.  Incorporated July 2001 – present.


PRODUCER -  “Elmer and Iris”, short narrative video, MGL Films, currently in pre-production, 2008.


CO-PRODUCER/CO-DIRECTOR – “Scrappers” short documentary video, Catfish Studios.  Currently in production. 2008.


PRODUCER – “The Family Rubin” short narrative video, Reluctant Pictures.  2007.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  “Salesian Brotherhood”, recruiting video, Salesian Order. 2006.


PRODUCER - "The Face of Addiction", World Addiction Foundation, 2005. Selected to screen at the Sixtieth Session of the United Nations General Assembly, World Programme of Action for Youth. October 2005.


PRODUCER - "A Relaxing Day", independent short video, 2004.  Invited to 2007 Long Island film Exposition,  2007 Woodshole Film Festival.  Winner – Best Produced Film – 4th Memfest Film Festival.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  "College of Arts and Sciences" Seton Hall University promotional video, 2004.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  "Miracle on the Mountain: Elks Camp Moore" New Jersey Elks Association, fundraising video, 2004.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  "Public Service Announcement with James Rebhorn" Seton Hall University, Dept. of Public Safety, 2004.


EDITOR:  “Grange Centennial” Worldwide showroom video, 2004.


PRODUCER:  “Advanced Financial Services, corporate video, 2003.


PRODUCER:  “Talking Time”, Children Educational Video, 2002.


OFF-LINE AND ON-LINE EDITOR: various research videos, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ.  Lillian Schwartz, producer 1990-2002.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR:  “Allied Cares”, corporate orientation video, 2001.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR:  “Getting to Know You”, Passaic County Elks Cerebral Palsy Center.  Orientation video, 2001.


PRODUCER/EDITOR:  “Real Women, Real Questions”, AL Productions.  Pilot for woman’s television program, 2001.


PRODUCER/WRITER/DIRECTOR:  "New Jersey Children's Choir: N.J. Best Kept Secret”, 1999.


EDITOR:  Grange Furniture; Worldwide showroom demonstration video; Paris, France and New York City, 1999.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: "Alice Paul: Militant General”, Presented at the National Woman Studies Association Conference, 1999.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  "Mina Edison:  Life with a Great Man”, Presented at National Women's Conference, 1998. 


WRITER AND OFF-LINE EDITOR:  "Holocaust Awareness”, Sr. Rose Thering Endowment Fund for the education of primary school teachers on methods of teaching the Holocaust, 1997.


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER/ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: In-house management training - Jeweler's Association - Dallas, TX, 1996.


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER/ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: "Line #4”, In house informational video - Nabisco Brands - Philadelphia, PA, 1996.


FREELANCE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR:  Nabisco, In house training videos, 1994-1995.


PRODUCER/DIRECTOR:  American Cyanamid, In-house training videos, 1993.




PRESENTER -  Film Production”  Camden Catholic High School,  Jeff Bruckner, sponsor, 2008.


PANELIST – “Distribution and Marketing your Film”  4th Annual Memfest, NJ Moviemakers, Bloomfield College, NJ.  2007.


SCREENING COMMITTEE MEMBER – “Hoboken International Film Festival, June 2008.


JUDGE/CONSULTANT – “4th Annual Memfest, New Jersey Moviemakers, 2007.


JUDGE/CONSULTANT – 2nd Annual Reel Youth Film Festival, Archdiocese of Newark, NJ.  2007.


JURY MEMBER- New School Film Festival, New School of Social Research, 1996, 2006.


PANELIST - "Film Distribution"  "Coming Home, Day of Screenings" New Jersey Moviemakers and Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ.  September, 2004.


PRESENTER – “Screenwriting Basics” Cape Cod Film Society, Ma.  April 2004.


PANELIST – “Independent Film Workshop”, University of Illinois, Carbondale, Il, November, 2003.


PRESENTER – “The Art of Digital Moviemaking”, New Jersey Moviemakers, Newark, NJ, September, 2003.


PANELIST – “Film in the 21st Century: Film in the New Digital World”, New York State Communication Association, Tarrytown, NY, October, 2002.


PRESENTER – “Independent Film Makers Workshop” , Lincoln Land Community College,  Route 66 Film Festival, Springfield, IL.,  September, 2002.


PRESENTER – “Got Film, Go Shoot”, Tambay Film and Video Festival, Tampa, Fl., March, 2001.


PANELIST – “Writing and Directing”, Durango Film Festival, Durango, Co., March, 2001.


PRESENTER – Screened and presented “Producing Independent Films”, UPAC, Clemson University, Clemson, SC., February, 2001.


PARTICIPANT – National Film Retreat, Cine & Media, Blackwood, NJ, July, 2000.


FINAL JUDGE SCREENINGS – 26th Annual Student Academy Awards, New York Regional Dramatic Category, 1999.


FEATURED SEMINAR SPEAKER – “Producing Successful Independent Films”, 13th American Film Institute-Los Angeles International Film Festival, October, 1999.


PANEL PRESENTER – “Recreating Lives: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Women’s History”, National Women’s Studies Association, Albuquerque, NM, June, 1999. 


PANEL PRESENTER – “A Model for Interactive Learning”, Women and the Arts Conference, Rutgers University, Spring, 1998.


FACULTY FELLOW – The Collegium; A Colloquy on Faith and Intellectual Life, San Diego, CA., Summer, 1998.


FEATURED SEMINAR SPEAKER- "Directing and Post-Producing the Low

Budget Feature”, Off Hollywood Independent Filmmakers Productions, One day seminar touring the country, 1997.        




CO-CHAIR – “Opportunities/Threats”  Seton Hall University College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan Committee, 2007.


FACULTY SENATE – 2006-2008.  Committees: Faculty Grievance, Facilities.


ASSISTANT CHAIR, Department of Communication- 2005 - 2007.


FACULTY ADVISOR – “Pirate TV” overseeing student management, programming and production, 1997 – 2004, 2005- present.


DEPARTMENT ACADEMIC ADVISOR – advising broadcast students, 1998 to present.


BUDGET/PURCHASE MANAGER – Film concentration, 1997- present.


VOLUNTEER – Communication Department Open Houses, 1997- present.


VOLUNTEER – Freshman Preview, Communication Dept., 1997- present.


COMMENCEMENT MARSHALL – SHU Commencement, 2001 – present.




SEARCH COMMITTEE MEMBER - Broadcast and Visual Media Major hires, 2005, 2006.


MEMBER – Research & Writing Group, 2000-2006.


CHAIR - Arts and Science Program Review sub committee, 2004. 




COMMITTEE MEMBER – Academic Expo, 1997-2004.


SEARCH COMMITTEE  MEMBER – Dean of Libraries, 2003 –  2004.

MEMBER – College Planning, 2002-2004.


DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR – “Images – Festival of the Arts”, Department of Communication 1980-1981, 1986-1992, 1996-2003.


PRODUCER/WRITER/EDITOR:  “Fire Awareness” Seton Hall University, 2003.


PANEL MEMBER – Freshman Parent Orientation, 2002.


MEMBER – Nominations and Elections, 1999-2001.


PRODUCER/WRITER/DIRECTOR:   “Freshman Orientation” videos,  Seton Hall University, 2000 and 2001.


EQUIPMENT DONATION PROCURER - secured film production/editing equipment from Computer Creations Inc., 2000.


STEERING COMMITTEE – Center for Catholic Studies, 1997 – 1999.


EQUIPMENT DONATION PROCURER – secured film editing equipment from John Armstrong & Company, 1999.


PARTICIPANT – “Divine Madness and the Intellectual Life: Exercises in Appreciation”, Center for Catholic Studies, Seton Hall University, 1999 Summer Seminar.  Wrote “Untitled Rondinella” published December 1999.


PRODUCER:  “Job Creation Summit Conference” co-coordinated videotaping of various lectures.  Seton Hall University Law School, 1997.




COVER ARTICLE – “The Starkness of Charming Billy” Micro-Film, Summer 2002.


FEATURE ARTICLE SUBJECT – “Rave Reviews for Charming Billy” Seton Hall University Magazine, Fall 2000.


FEATURE ARTICLE SUBJECT- “Rave Reviews for Seton Hall Filmmaker” Hallways, Seton Hall University, April 2000.





TELEVISION GUEST – “One on One with Steve Adubato”, 2000.


TELEVISION GUEST – “NJ 12” Entertainment spot, 2000.


RADIO GUEST – “The Tony Trupiano Live on the Talk America Network Radio Show”, nationally syndicated talk show, 1999. 




A RELAXING DAY – Best Produced Film – 4th Annual Memfest Film Festival, October 2007.


RECIPIENT -  Archdiocesan Sesquicentennial Cathedral Golden Jubilee Medal.  awarded for outstanding commitment to the Archdiocese, 2004.


RECIPIENT – “Prime Award for Excellence and Support in Movies and Television” – New Jersey Moviemakers, December 2003.


CHARMING BILLY - Best Dramatic Feature – Route 66 Film Festival – 2002;  Voted Best Feature, Boston Film Festival - 2000; First Runner-up Best Feature, Northampton Film Festival – 2000; Winner-Best Actor, 13th AFI-L.A. Intl. Film Festival – 1999. 


MENTION OF HONOR – Blades, Sport for All Section, Sports Movies & TV 2001 – 19th International Festival, Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs, 2001.


BARRIERSShirley Clarke Artistic Achievement Award, 1998 Huntington International Independent Film Festival.


RECIPIENT of a Faculty Excellence award from the Board of Regents, 1997.




PASTORAL COUNCIL PRESIDENT – St. Joseph Church, West Orange, N.J.  2005 – 2007.


CHAIR – St. Joseph New Energies Parish Transition Project, Archdiocese of Newark, 2005-2008.


CLUSTER SECRETARY – New Energies Parish Transition Project, Archdiocese of Newark, 2006-2007. 


FINANCE COUNCIL – St. Joseph, West Orange, N.J. 2005- present.


PASTORAL COUNCIL - St. Joseph Church, West Orange, N.J.  2004  - present


PRODUCER – St. Joseph School Graduation video, 1998.


PRODUCER – “Words and Music” video. Holiday City Senior Citizens Association, 1999 - 2000, 2002.


LECTOR/EUCHARISTIC MINISTER – St. Joseph Church, 1994 to present.


VICE PRESIDENT – St. Joseph Board of Education, 1999-2001.


MEMBER – West Orange Arts Council, 1999-2002.





BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEMBER – New Jersey Moviemakers – 2004 to present.


MEMBER- Independent Feature Project, New York, 1997-2000, 2003- present.


MEMBER- Association of Film and Video Artists, 1996-1998.


MEMBER- Cine & Media, the National Catholic Organization for Cinema, 1999-2001.