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COURSE OBJECTIVE:  Through the production of short 16mm films, students will learn the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. 

Recommended Prerequisite:  COBF 2212  Intro. to Visual Theory.


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Filmmaking is a collaborative art form. Thus, students will work in three member crews formed by the third class meeting.  Each crew responsible for the production of two exercises during the semester.  The crew members will rotate crew positions on each of these two  exercises.  The crew positions are: Writer/director, Director of Photography, Asst. camera/editor.   Each person is graded on their participation  on the exercise.  These two exercises are 25% of final grade.  These exercises are edited on the computer.


In addition, each group will write, direct and edit their own group short film. Each group will be given 300 feet of raw stock (@7 minutes) and the finished film will be 2-3 minutes in length with a soundtrack of voice-over, music or sound effects.  Content is up to the students but must have instructor’s approval.  Each group will produce this film with the crew members from their exercise group.  Again, each student is graded on their participation in each film.  25% of final grade.  This project is edited on the computer.


Each student will also edit a found footage exercise.  The student will be given unrelated film clips on the computer and edit this footage together to tell a story with music.  Student may want to edit to the music. 20% of final grade.


Each student will produce a photo assignment using 35-50 still to tell a visual story.  15% of final grade.


Crew work/ attendance is 15% of final grade. Included in this grade is an honest assessment of your group’s work.  This is to be completed by each student.  It is for my eyes only. 


There is no midterm or final exam. Open laptops are prohibited in class. 


Optional textbook:  Film Production Technique, 4th ed.  Bruce Mamer  


If a student is to be absent, he/she is required to call 973-275-5837 to inform the instructor that he/she will not be in class.  Also, this class starts on time, and students are penalized for lateness. Students must meet their deadlines.  In an actual job, a late assignment would get someone fired - the instructor will just deduct one letter one grade each class period. Instructor will not accept projects/assignments more than 2 classes late. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The student is responsible for processing and drop off/pick-up of film shot for exercises and final film . The lab is A-1, 333 W. 39th St, NYC (212-239-9530) Processing costs $13 per roll.


The work load is heavy.  The student will working on several projects at one time.  I am a professional and will treat the student with a professional attitude and expect the same from the student.  The student only learns by doing.  Welcome to Show Biz.


COURSE SCHEDULE: (Subject to change, except where bold)


Jan.    9            Course intro., expectations,


Jan.   11           Film vs. Video


Jan.    16          The art of Production: Preproduction,


Jan.    18          treatments/storyboards/ scripts


Jan.    23           Organizing the shoot 


Jan.    25          The creative camera,  Photo assignment given,  Crew formation


Jan.    30          No class


Feb.     1           Lab:  Hands on with the camera.


Feb.     6          Exterior shooting and the light meter. 


Feb.     8          Lab:  On location exterior shoot exercise.

                        NOTE:  Groups need to arrive BEFORE class to sign out equipment.

                        Begin shooting exercise #1


Feb.   13          Editing concepts

Final project treatments DUE, Photo assignment DUE


Feb.   15          Lab:  The Editing Room ( in groups)  Review Final Cut Pro

                        Found footage given


Feb.   20          Interior Lighting


Feb.   22          Lab:  Interior lighting set-up

                        NOTE:  Groups need to arrive BEFORE class to sign out equipment

Begin shooting Exercise #2  


Feb.   27          Exercise  #1 rushes  due.



Mar.    1           Art of Film Production:  Production,  Final scripts due


Mar.   13          Working with actors  


Mar.   15          Pre-production meetings with groups.

 Begin shooting final projects


Mar.   20          Edited #1 due


Mar.   22          Exercise #2 Rushes due,


Mar.   27          Class meeting to review cuts/footage


Mar.   29          Group meetings to review cuts/footage


Apr.     3          Class meeting to review cuts/footage


Apr.   10          Edited #2 due


Apr.   12          No class, No shooting after this date!!!


Apr.   17          Class meeting to review cuts/footage


Apr.   19          Group meetings to review cuts/footage


Apr.   24          Project reports. Screen rushes,


Apr.   26          Last day –exercise re-cuts, photo assign

Found Footage due, assessments due


May     1       (Finals week)  845         FINAL PROJECT DUE




EXERCISE #1  Use of 8 different shots.  Each production group will shoot one roll of film, properly expose it and focused.  Include LS, MS, CU, OS  including cutaways.  SUBJECT:  Someone walks somewhere .  Be conscious of screen direction.  Exterior only.


EXERCISE #2  Shoot an interior and exterior scene.  Minimum of eight shots total with four interior shots and four exterior shots.