FH 35   TR 2:30-4:00 pm


Off: FH 26  ph. 275-5837 SHU email: RondinTh


COURSE OBJECTIVE:  This course builds on the concepts taught in TV I, II, III by further developing the skills of conceptualizing, producing, directing, shooting and editing  field video and studio productions.


This course is patterned after a real job experience.  The student will be assigned to a crew and be given specific projects with specific deadlines.  Production is a team effort; the student must coordinate his/her efforts with the teams.  There are no one-person shows in the television industry.  The student will be graded on his/her individual efforts within the group and how the group performs.


COURSE ASSIGNMENTS:  Each student will be part of a three person group.  Each group is responsible for three projects produced by each member.  These projects are preferably the ones scripted in TV III.  Main crew positions are rotated.  These main crew positions are:  producer/director, camera person, audio/grip.   Additional crew members may be necessary (boom, additional grip) and are to be filled by other class members only (for extra credit).  Each producer is graded on production.   30% of grade.


A simple re-acquaintance continuity exercise (including audio) with exterior, mixed lighting and interior lighting:  A commercial for PTV.  :30 in length   20% of grade


Crew work on productions , attendance and summation paper.  Students are graded every week on their progress with their projects and their fellow group members projects.  These total 8 grades are averages with attendance and summation paper.   30% of grade.  


Each student is required to spend 10 hours videotaping on location and editing for the Pirate TV news program20% of grade



Now, the rules:


1)  If a student is to miss class, the students must call 973-275-5837 as a courtesy.  Also, this class starts on time; students will be penalized for tardiness.


2) Students MUST meet their deadlines.  In an actual job, a late assignment would get someone fired -- the instructor just deducts one letter grade each class. ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO EXCEPTIONS.


3) Since there is a limited  amount of equipment,  shoots and editing time need to be scheduled in advance.  All shooting will be finished by Apr. 8 .  Only inserts and pickups will be allowed after this date.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


4) Open laptops are prohibited in class.


5)  Students assume financial responsibility for all equipment used and signed out. 


Also, no script is put into production without approval. 


The work load is heavy. Students will work on several projects at a time: count on AT LEAST five hours a week work outside of class.  If that is a problem, drop the course. The instructor is a professional and will treat the students as professionals and expect professionalism from them.  Students only learn by doing. 




JAN. 10   Course survey,  expectations,


JAN. 15   Group formation,  scripting.


JAN. 17   Equipment and lighting review 


JAN. 22  Equipment and lighting review


JAN. 24   Audio review, Shoot exercise

                Final project scripts due


JAN. 29   Preproduction concerns.


JAN. 31   Exercise  footage due.  Review digital editing


FEB.   5   Editing Demo:  Review Log and capture


FEB.   7  Group meetings, Preproduction-final projects due,

    Begin shooting final projects


FEB.  12  Group meetings, Preproduction-final projects due

    Begin shooting final projects


FEB.  14   TBD


FEB.  19    Group  meeting-footage review    Prod. Grade #1


FEB.  21    Class meeting-footage review- Exercise cuts due 


FEB.  26    No class meeting


FEB.  28     Group meetings-footage review     Prod. Grade # 2


MAR.  4     Class meeting-footage review


MAR.  6   Group  meeting-cut review   Prod. Grade #3


MAR. 11   Class  meetings-footage review


MAR.  13   Group  meetings-footage review   Prod. Grade #4


MAR.  18   Class meetings footage review


APR.    1    Group meeting: cut review         Prod. Grade # 5


APR.    3    Shoot day


APR.    8   Class meetings: cut review.  NO SHOOTING AFTER THIS DATE!


APR.   10   Group meetings-cut review         Prod. Grade # 6


APR.    15   Class meetings: review cuts


APR.    17   Group meeting-cut review           Prod. Grade # 7


APR.    22   Class meeting cut review


APR.    24    No class - Last  day-recuts of exercise      Prod. Grade #8