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Nebraska “Scrappers” Documentary Announced

Producers Seek Local People Involved in State Scrap Metal Drive


September 27, 2006 -- Two Seton Hall University Communication professors have announced plans to produce a documentary concerning the 1942 Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive that supported the World War II war effort.  The documentary will highlight the dramatic participation of the WWII home front from the perspective of the more recent war on terror.

 Assistant Professor James J. Kimble, a Nebraska native, has done extensive research on the 1942 scrap drive.

“The Nebraska scrap drive contest contributed nearly 70,000 tons of scrap material in just three weeks, and served to inspire the rest of the country to do the same,” said Kimble.

Thomas Rondinella, Associate Professor in Broadcast and Visual Media, will co-produce and co-direct the documentary.  “The inherent visuals of the subject are exciting and the subject matter has great relevance to today,” he said.

The video will be a Catfish Studios production.  The studio expects to use local video students to assist the actual production.  Kimble and Rondinella are looking to interview anyone involved in the 1942 Nebraska Scrap Metal Drive or those with relatives who were involved.  Catfish Studios can be reached at or toll free at 877 729-9642.