java.awt Minimal AWT package for Rectangle class Input/Output support
java.lang Core Java classes
java.lang.annotation Basic support for annotations Support for sockets via PC SocketProxy
java.util Utilities
javax.bluetooth Standard Bluetooth classes J2ME I/O.
javax.microedition.lcdui J2ME LCD User Interface classes.
javax.microedition.location Location API
lejos.charset a simple charset API for leJOS
lejos.gps GPS Parsing leJOS specific support for
lejos.keyboard Support for SPP keyboards
lejos.localization Localization support
lejos.math Extra Math classes for leJOS
lejos.navigation Navigation classes.
lejos.nxt Access to NXT sensors, motors, etc.
lejos.nxt.addon Access to third party and legacy RCX sensors, motors and other hardware not included in the Lego NXT kit
lejos.nxt.comm NXT communication classes
lejos.nxt.debug Debugging thread classes
lejos.nxt.remote Remote NXT access over Bluetooth
lejos.rcxcomm Emulation of RCX communication classes
lejos.subsumption Support for subsumption architecture.
lejos.util More utility classes