Package lejos.localization

Localization support


Interface Summary
Localizer Extension to Navigator for robot that supports localization
Map The Map interface supports determining the range to a feature on the map (such as a wall), from an object with a specific pose.

Class Summary
Line Represents a line and supports calculating the point of intersection of two line segments.
LineMap A map of a room or other closed environment, represented by line segments
Move Represents a robot move consisting of a drive forward and a turn Supports generating of a random move.
Particle Represents a particle for the particle filtering algorithm.
ParticleSet Represents a particle set for the particle filtering algorithm.
Point Represents a point using float coordinates
Pose Represents a pose of the robot.
RangeReadings Represents a set of range readings.
TachoLocalizer An abstract extension to TachoNavigator that uses a map and a set of particles to implement the Monte Carlo Localization algorithm to estimate the pose of the robot as it moves about.

Package lejos.localization Description

Localization support