CSAS 4082: Intro to Robotics

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Robotics is becoming a more and more popular tool to reverse the current trend of deceasing student interest in science, mathematics, and computer science. Indeed, robotics is perhaps uniquely positioned to do so, since it uses mathematics, physics, and computer programming in hands-on activities where theoretical results have immediate real-world consequences.

2008 class is over - check out our blooper selection!

This website is for an Introductory Robotics class CSAS 4082 AA  that I am teaching for the first time in the fall 2008. The links on the left provide more information about the class. In particular:

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Course description, requirements, syllabus, and general information about the class
Resources, programs, tools, manuals, and other software to download or manuals to consult
The lecture notes and presentations for this course.
The challenges a robot needs to complete in order to earn points for its team
Possibly useful construction plans and engineering tips
A collection of pictures and videos to accompany the course and the students