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CSAS 4082: Intro to Robotics

CoroBot Simulation Software

Download and run “CoroBotSimulationDeploy.exe

You may receive a security warning telling you the publisher could not be verified. Accept the End-User license agreement and point the deploy extractor at the root of your MSRS installation. Typically, this is: “C:\Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)”. You may be informed that the operation will overwrite files; Click Yes to continue. Upon successful installation, the ClassPack Reference guide will appear and you will be ready to start using ClassPack by running the office simulation.

Run the Office Simulation

  1. In your MSRS root folder, run “runsimulatedcorobot.bat” to start the ClassPackEnvironment project. Note: Under Vista you will need to run the program as "Administrator" (right-click), otherwise you will receive an error message about ports not available.
  2. The first time you run the software, you should receive a message box prompting you to enter a GUID.The GUID should have been provided to you by the instructor. You will need to enter this GUID to install the license on your local machine. If you cannot locate your GUID, you have the alternative of clicking Install Trial Demo to install a 15-day trial version.
  3. Once loaded, the simulation should appear with the CoroBot located in an Office Environment. The ClassPackEnvironment simulation will render a simulation scene in which the CoroBot is located in a two room office.
  4. You can look around the simulation room by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse around the scene. The Office environment includes two rooms that contain various pieces of office furniture. The first includes small blocks that can be picked up using the CoroBot arm. These blocks can then be placed on top of the larger blocks located to the right of the robot. The second room features an enclosed robot arena with traffic cones. To move from one room to another, use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Note that the office environment features an open ceiling. This allows you to angle the view upwards using the mouse and then use the up arrow key to fly up above the simulation scene. You can then look down by turning the view downwards again using the mouse.
  5. To operate the robot, switch to the Control Panel and connect to the CoroBot by entering „localhost‟ as the IP Address and clicking Connect. Once connected to the robot, you should see an image appear in the right-hand Camera pane which reflects what the robot is seeing
  6. To drive the robot, you will need to click within the Drive box (located at the bottom left of the Control Panel. You can then see the robot moving through the simulation scene. At the same time, you can see the room changing as you view the scene through the Control Panel camera.

For more info, see the QuickStart document.