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CSAS 4082: Intro to Robotics

NXT TaskBot Modifications

The NXT TaskBot drives better than the TriBot, in my experience, but if you don't have the "NXT Educational Package" you are missing few pieces. However, you can use the modifications below to the driving base to still create a near-perfect driving platform.

Replace an Axle

Step 5 of the TaskBot design uses some "sleeve" pieces that are only available in the Educational Edition. If you have the regular NXT kit, replace the pieces forming the axle by one long regular axle piece. You must center that axle carefully so that it won't touch the tires when your construction is done.

Replace the Coaster Design

After Step 12 the TaskBot design asks for a coaster design that can only be done using the Educational Edition. However, you can replace that coaster design with the one from the TriBot, as shown below. 

Alternate Coaster Design