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CSAS 4082: Intro to Robotics

Challenge: Travel and Rotate

In this two-part challenge you need to:
  • travel a distance of D along a straight line, where 50cm < D < 100cm

    Moving along a straight line by D cm

  • rotate by R degrees, where 90 < R < 360

    Rotating by R = 225 degree

Your programming environment can be either NXT-G, LeJOS, or MS Robotics Studio, but NXT-G is recommended for this assignment.


You have one try for each challenge. You need to complete the challenges in two parts, with 10 minute preparation time for each part.

  • Each part is worth 50 points
  • For the distance part you need to be within 95% of D, otherwise 5 points will be deducted for each additional discrepancy of 5%, i.e. if the distance D is 80cm, you get 50 points if you travel between 76 cm and 84 cm, 45 points for travel between 72 cm and 88 cm, etc.
  • For the rotation part you need to be within 10 degrees of the specified rotation, otherwise 5 points will be deducted for each discrepancy of 10 degrees, i.e. if R = 225, you get 50 points for rotation between 215 and 235 degrees, 45 points for rotation between 205 and 245 points, etc.

The team with distance closest to D receives 5 bonus points, the team with the closest rotation receives an additional 5 bonus points.

Results from 9/18/2008:

The teams were asked to travel 65cm and to rotate clockwise by 270 degree. Here are the results:

Travelling Rotating Score
Team A: 65 cm 271o 100 + 5
Team B: 66 cm 270o 100 + 5
Team C: 65 cm 271o 100 + 5
Team D: 64.5 cm 90o 55
Team E: 65 cm 270o 100 + 10

Click here to watch the outcomes of this challenge.

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