Course Schedule:

Below you will find a weekly schedule listing topics to be covered, readings both in the textbook and on-line, assignments and exam dates.  Note--because of the peculiarities of the Fall 2007 calendar the weeks below will run from Thursday to Thursday.

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Sept 6	Week 1: The Emergence of Civilization
		I.  Introduction
		II. The Emergence of Civilization
			Spielvogel, pp. 1-8
		III. Mesopotamian Civilization
			Spielvogel, pp. 8-16
		The Beginnings of Civilization
		The Epic of Gilgamesh (excerpt)
		The Story of Noah--Book of Genesis
		Hammurabi's Code
	Web Resources:
		Chauvet Pont-d'Arc Cave Art
		Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Near Eastern Page
Sept 13  Week 2: Ancient Civilizations		
		I. Egyptian Civilization, 
			Spielvogel, pp. 16-29
		II. The Ancient Hebrews
			Spielvogel, pp. 30-37
		III. The Spread of Civilization
			Spielvogel, pp. 40-49
		Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilization
		The Spread of Civilization: 1700-1100BC
		The Ancient Hebrews
		Hymn to the Nile
		The Book of Exodus
	Web Resources:
		Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Egyptian Page
		Harrapa (Indus River Valley Civilization)
Sept 20 Week 3: 	The Rise of the Greeks	
		First quiz–Sept 20
		I. The Early Greeks
			Spielvogel, pp. 50-55
		II. The Rise of the Polis
			Spielvogel, pp. 55-62
		III. The Classical Age
			Spielvogel, pp. 62-69
		The Origins of Greek Civilization 
		Archaic Greece
		Homer, The Iliad (excerpt)
		Thucydides, The Funeral Oration of Pericles
		Plato, The Apology
	Web Resources	
		Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
		The Perseus Project
		Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Ancient Greece
Sept 27 Week 4: Greek Civilization
		I.  The Classical Achievement: Greek Civilization 
			Spielvogel, pp. 70-80
		II. Alexander the Great
			Spielvogel, pp. 82-88
		III. Hellenistic Civilization
			Speilvogel, 88-101	
		Classical Greece
		The Hellenistic World              
		Plato's Republic: The Allegory of the Cave
		Aristotle: The Politics
		Arrian, Speech of Alexander the Great
	Web Resources:	
		The Ancient Greek World
		Alexander the Great on the Web
		In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great
Oct. 4 Week 5: The Greatness of Rome
		I. The Roman Republic
			Spielvogel, pp. 103-122
		II. The Decline of the Republic and the Age of Augustus
			Spielvogel, pp. 122-131, 133-138
		II. The Roman Empire
			Spielvogel, pp. 138-151
		The Rise of the Roman Republic
		The Roman Empire
		The Twelve Tables
		Cicero, On the Laws
		Plutarch, The Assassination of Julius Caesar
		Horace and Virgil: Hymns to the Glory of Rome
		Quintilian:   The Ideal Education
	Web Resources:	
		Daily Life in Ancient Rome
		The Forvm Romanvm
Oct 11	Week 6: 	The Decline of Rome
		I. The Breakdown of the Empire
			Spielvogel, pp. 151-154
		II. The Rise of Christianity
			Spielvogel, pp. 154-160
		III. The Germanic Kingdoms
			Spielvogel, pp. 162-170
		The Rise of Christianity
		Late Antiquity: The "Fall" of the Roman Empire
		The Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas
		Tertullian, On Pagan Learning
		Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations
		St. Augustine of Hippo, The City of God
	Web Resources:
		From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
		St. Augustine's Home Page
Oct 18	Week 7: Heirs to the Classical Tradition
	Mid-Term Exam–October 16
		 Mid-Term Review Sheet   
	Topics:	I.  The "Dark Ages": Western Christendom, 500-750
			Spielvogel, pp. 170-179
		II  Byzantium
			Spielvogel, pp. 197-203, 228-232
		II. Islam
			Spielvogel, pp. 203-207, 232-235
		The Empire of Byzantium
		The Rise of Islam
		The Western Kingdoms, 600-900
		The Justinian Code 
		The Sunnah (Traditions of Mohammed) 
		The Rule of St. Benedict
		Venerable Bede, The Conversion of England
	Web Resources:	
		Byzantine Studies on the Net
		The Glory of Byzantium
		Islam: Empire of Faith
Oct 25  Week 8: The Early Middle Ages
		I. The Carolingian Renaissance
			Spielvogel, pp. 209-219
		II. The Viking Invasions
			Spielvogel, pp. 219-222
		III. The Origins of Medieval Feudalism
			Spielvogel, pp. 222-228
		The Carolingian Renaissance
		The Foundations of Medieval Europe
		Einhard, The Life of Charlemagne
		On the Ravages of the Norsemen
		On Feudal Obligations
	Web Resources:
		NOVA--The Vikings
Nov 1 Week 9: The High Middle Ages
		I.   The Rural life in the High Middle Ages
			Spielvogel, pp.217-225
		II.   The Medieval Town
			Spielvogel, pp. 225-232
		III.  Intellectual Life in Medieval Europe
			Spielvogel, pp. 232-241
		The Medieval World
		The Medieval City
		Intellectual Life in Medieval Europe
		The Labors of the Poor
		Adelard of Bath, Natural Questions
		Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologia
	Web Resources:	
		Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournaments  
Nov 8   Week 10:  The High Middle Ages, continued
		I. Medieval Monarchy
			Spielvogel, pp. 243-255
		II.  The Medieval Church
			Spielvogel, pp. 255-264
		III. The Crusades
			Spielvogel, pp. 264-271
		The Medieval Church
		Church and State in the High Middle Ages
		Medieval Monarchy: England, France and the Crusades
		The Investiture Controversy 
		Chronicle of the Abbey of St. Edmunds (read selections)		
	Web Resources: 
		 Netserf--the Internet Connection for Medieval Resources	
		 The Medieval Crusades
Nov 15 Week 11:  The Late Middle Ages
		Second Quiz, April 9
		I. The Catastrophic Fourteenth Century
			Spielvogel, pp. 273-289
		II. The Decline of the Church
			Spielvogel, pp. 289-293
		III. Creativity out of Chaos: New Directions in Culture
			Spielvogel, pp. 293-300
		The Late Middle Ages		
		The Black Death from Boccaccio's Decameron
		The Peasants' Revolt of 1381
		The Great Schism: Manifesto of the Revolting Cardinals, 1378 
	Web Resources:	
		The Tales of Jean Froissart
Nov 22  Week 12: Thanksgiving break--Late Middle Ages continued.
Nov 29  Week 13:  The Renaissance
		I.  The Italian Renaissance
			Spielvogel, pp. 302-309; 319-326
		II. Humanism and the Print Revolution
			Spielvogel, pp. 315-319
		III. Renaissance Politics
			Spielvogel, pp. 309-315; 327-334
		The Renaissance
		Renaissance Politics
		The Print Revolution
		Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man
		Machiavelli, The Prince
	Web Resources:	
		The Sistine Chapel: an on-line tour
Dec 6 Week 14: The Reformation 
		I. Luther and the the Protestant Reformation
			Spielvogel, pp. 336-347
		II. The Spread of the Protestantism
			Spielvogel, pp. 347-355
		III. The Counter-Reformation
			Spielvogel, pp. 356-359
		The Protestant Reformation	
		Martin Luther: Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation
		John Calvin:  Institutes of the Christian Religion (excerpt)
		St. Ignatius Loyola: Spiritual Exercises
	Web Resources:	
		Project Wittenburg
Final Exam Review Sheet
Final Exam: Dec 18, period I (8:45-10:25)