Daniel Gutmore, Ph.D.

College of Education & Human Services

Department of Educational Administration & Supervision 

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Courses Taught/Academics

EDAS 6601 - Organization and Administration of Public Education
EDAS 6666 - Supervision of Instruction
EDAS 6764 - Public Sector Bargaining
EDAS 6765/7765 - Policy Analysis
EDAS 6861 - School Building Planning and Plant Management
EDAS 7773 - Organizational Structures and Processes in Administration
EDAS 8801 - Interdisciplinary Studies
EDAS 8983 - Leadership and Management Assessment

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World Wide Web Virtual Library 
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Bloom's Taxonomy
The CONNECTED Learning Community (Microsoft)
Five Steps Forward (Apple, Inc.)
Kellog Leadership Studies Project 



Welcome to my homepage. This will be our location to maintain continuity in all the classes I teach as well as to share additional information available on web sites and related to the course work.      

The courses I teach are as follows: ELMP 6601- Organization and Administration of Public Education, ELMP 6666 - Supervision of Instruction, ELMP 6764 - Public Sector Bargaining,  EDAS 6861 - School Building Planning and Plant Management, EDAS 7773 - Organizational Structures and Processes in Administration, EDAS 8801 - Interdisciplinary Studies and EDAS 8983 - Leadership and Management Assessment.


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Experientially, I have served in a variety of administrative positions, primarily with the Newark, New Jersey public school system and concluded my career as the chief of Staff to the Executive Suprintendent in that district. I have over 30 years of experience in urban education. I completed my undergraduate work at Montclair State University and received my Masters and Doctorate from New York University. My primary area of interest is in Organizational Theory and Practice and in particular I have focused on the use of Power and Innovation and Implementation Theory. I have also completed research projects in policy analysis and supervision.

My personal  interests are linked to many major topics: 

  • Computers and Technology 
  • Educational Technology 
  • Reform process
  • Distance Learning 
  • Tennis 
  • Writing


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If you share any of the same interests and would like more information or guidance  drop me a note.    My email address is : gutmorda@shu.edu         Last Update:  April 2004


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