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I frequently teach  workshops on Math or Information Technology related topics. Here you can find links to these workshops.

Seton Hall Workshops

  • Electronic Voting: brief overview of Asset
  • IBM Fly-In 2001<: an overview of Seton Hall's Web services
  • STA 2000 Java Workshop: a "quick and dirty" workshop introducing Java applets
  • IT and Me: Java for Teaching: Java applets for teaching Math and Computer Science (1999)
  • Executive Cabinet (HTML or PowerPoint): Presentation to the Seton Hall Executive Cabinet about the evolvement of IT at Seton Hall from 1992 to 1998
  • Java and Java Script: Introduction to the JavaScript language and to the more complicated object-oriented, machine-independent Java programming language (1997)
  • Faculty College 96: The NJ Institute for Collegiate Teaching and Learning (NJICTL) sponsors yearly Faculty Colleges about pedagodical and IT topics (1996)

External Workshops and Talks

  • CCSCE 2007 Mobile Instructional Laboratory Experiments and their Use in Computer Science
  • New Jersey Library Association: Examples of JavaScript, for the NJ Library Association (May 1999)
  • Camden County College: Chaos and Fractals: Complex Dynamic Systems, for the Math. Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges, NJ (March 1999)
  • PCCC Technology Workshop: Passaic County Community College Conference on Technology (January 1998)
  • Escher and Poincare: An introduction to the world(s) of M.C. Escher and non-euclidian geometry, at Indiana University
  • ICTCM Conference: Java and the Web: New possibilities for Teaching Calculus and Abstract Analysis Interactively, in Reno, Nevada (1996)
  • NJIN: Teaching With Technology:  Incorporating technology into college courses, at Stevens Institute of Technology (Sep. 1996)