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STA 2000 Java Workshop

This is a short workshop describing

what Java is
how to use Java applets
how to create Java applets
where to go to learn Java

The materials for this workshop are contained in a PowerPoint presentation. Please download that presentation if you are interested. The links on the right are referred to in the presentation and are included here for your convenience.

STA 2000 Java Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


v_line.gif (861 bytes)

 Assorted Links

Download the Java SDK 1.3 here
Browse the Java API 1.3 here
Download the Programmer's Editor here
Download the BlueJ IDE from here (right-click and "save as")
Browse "Java by Definition"

Assorted sample classes

Download Junk class
Download Slide class and picture1.jpg and picture2.jpg


Download ConverterApplet class
Download NumberField class
Download Converter class