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I.T. and ME: Java Applets to Enhance Teaching

I want to give a brief overview of how Java applets can be used to enhance traditionally taught classes. All applets shown (except the 3D Graphing applet) were developed at Seton Hall, and are available to anyone.

To explore these applets on your own time, you can find this compilation at the web address http://pirate.shu.edu/~wachsmut/Workshops/JavaIT/


Non-Euclidian Geometry

Poincaree Pool
Poincaree Puzzle

Dynamic Systems

Mandelbrot Set
Bifurcation Diagram
Calculus I-III
3D Graphing

Computer Science

Binary Trees
Tower of Hanoi


Shark Attack

  Here are some other fun applets that my students created:

The Soda Machine
Applet to illustrate sine and cosine (in progress)
Game of life and others
Calculator, Shark Attack, and "Spin for Money"
Simple Slide Show and Memory Game (in progress)
and many others too numerous to mention ...