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Secret Ballots - Electronically

Several students and myself , together with support by TLTC, have created Asset, the Academic Survey System and Evaluation tool. Asset can be used for:

surveys (such as the recent Middlestates Surveys)
electronic voting (such as we will discuss here)

For a discussion on how to use this tool for electronic voting:

review how secret mail ballots work
see a sample vote using the Asset tool
look at what the ballot administrator sees

For more details on Asset, please visit http://sciris.shu.edu/thinklets/General/Asset, where you can find an online manual as well as the complete source code for the program so you can verify any claims made about our tool yourself. Asset is an "Open Source" project created at Seton Hall University and is available to anyone free of charge.


Bert G. Wachsmut
Last modified: 02/21/03