Class WaypointNavigator

  extended by lejos.navigation.SimpleNavigator
      extended by lejos.navigation.WaypointNavigator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WaypointNavigator
extends SimpleNavigator

The WaypointNavigator class extends the SimpleNavigator allowing the specify a path along a set of coordinates.

Dirk Sturzebecher - 20090131 - initial version

Constructor Summary
WaypointNavigator(Pilot pilot, float x, float y, float heading)
          Create a WaypointNavigator.
Method Summary
 void add(float xpos, float ypos, float turnSpeed, float moveSpeed)
          Add a point to the path to move.
 void clear()
          Stop the robot and clear the queue.
 void execute()
          Start to move along the list of points in the queue.
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Constructor Detail


public WaypointNavigator(Pilot pilot,
                         float x,
                         float y,
                         float heading)
Create a WaypointNavigator. Just add points to the queue to determine path.

pilot - The Pilot to use.
x - The starting x position.
y - The starting y position.
heading - The starting heading.
Method Detail


public void clear()
Stop the robot and clear the queue.


public void add(float xpos,
                float ypos,
                float turnSpeed,
                float moveSpeed)
Add a point to the path to move.

xpos - The x coordinate.
ypos - The y coordinate.
turnSpeed - The speed to use for turns.
moveSpeed - The speed to use for moves.


public void execute()
Start to move along the list of points in the queue.