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CS 1112 - Intro to Computer Science II

Major issues, areas and applications of computer science. Data structures and algorithms. Linked lists, trees and graphs. Stacks, queues and heaps. Object-oriented programming. Problem solving and software engineering. Algorithm design, induction, recursion and complexity. Social, economic and ethical concerns. Programming in a high-level language, such as C++ or Java. Prerequisites: CSAS 1111. Corequisite: MATH 1501/1401. 4 credits

Note: we will extend the MW session by 15 minutes and not meet on Fridays (as long as that works for everyone). We'll be in Science Hall 109.

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Download ADTTest.java
Download List.java
Download ADTQueue.java
Download Queue.java
Download ADTStack.java
Download Stack.java
Download Node.java
Download random-numbers.dat
Download Converter.java (as covered in class)
Download Temperature3.java
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General Information

  • Syllabus



Final sent via email!



  • Recursion homework
  • Calculator Program for integers
  • ADTStack and ADTQueue interfaces + Stack and Queue classes + Parenthesis checker + Palindrom checker
  • Working List class including PRE and POST conditions
  • The PhoneBook program including read and write
  • The PhoneBook program including sort and search
  • Implement Sort and SortProfiler with optional InsertionSearch - see lecture 8 and 9
  • Implement the various Search methods - see lecture 7
  • Final "Converter" program - perfectly working and awesome looking - due Friday 1/18
  • Finish "Converter" class to be fully and correctly functioning (any layout)
  • Add 2 text fields and (optionally) one button to our Converter program (see lecture 01)

Archive (Old stuff from previous classes)