Package lejos.nxt.comm

NXT communication classes


Interface Summary
NXTConnection Generic lejos nxt connection inetrface.
NXTProtocol LCP constants.

Class Summary
Bluetooth Provides Bluetooth comminications.
BTConnection Provides a Bluetooth connection Supports both packetized and stream based commincation.
DeviceInfo Represents a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
FirmwareInfo Firmware information for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
InputValues Sensor input values for a remote NXT accessed via LCP.
LCP Implements the Lego Communication Protocol, with some extensions for lejos NXJ.
LCPBTResponder Support for LCP commands over Bluetooth in user programs.
NXTComm Initiates communication to a remote NXT.
NXTCommand Remote access to a NXT via Bluetooth using LCP.
NXTInputStream Extends InputStream for BlueTooth; implements available()
NXTOutputStream Implements an OutputStream over Bluetooth.
NXTServerSocket Communicates with a ServerProxy on the PC to provide a ServerSocket interface applications on the NXT.
NXTSocket NXTSocket.
RConsole This class provides a simple way of sending output for viewing on a PC.
USB Low-level USB access.
USBConnection Represents a USB Stream Connection.

Package lejos.nxt.comm Description

NXT communication classes