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Math 1203: Statistics for Social Science

Course Description: Applications of statistics in the social sciences. Analysis and interpretation of statistical models. Sampling techniques, common flaws and errors in sampling and in using statistics. Descriptive statistics, levels of measurement, measures of central tendency and dispersion. Contingency tables and measures of association for categorical variables. Correlation and linear regression. Probability and frequency distributions. Parametric and non-parametric inferential statistics. Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. 3 credits.

Who takes this course: This course is for students majoring in sociology, political science, social work, social and behavioral sciences, criminal justice, diplomacy, or anthropology. However, it is open to anyone interested in an introductory statistics course. This course satisfies part C of the “core curriculum” of the School of Arts and Sciences.

Note: You will need the Dyknow software installed on our laptop.

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NOTE: The Final Exam will be on December 20, Period 2, or December 16, Period 3 (your choice)

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