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Students in CSAS 2212, Spring 2004

Bosco, Christopher, Gonzalez, Carlos, Hur, Min, Hyde, Christopher, John, Vinu, Kastel, Jason, Losapio, Michael, Patel, Ricky, Ryan, John, Takla, Mark, Vanchure, Christopher, Walukiewicz, Joseph, Wlodarski, Anthony, Yau, Jonathan, Zahran, Mohamed


Below are some concepts we need to clarify before we continue to talk about Unix/Linux. These topics come up when you try to install RedHat Linux 9. For each topic you should create a short paper (1 to 5 pages) and an in-class presentation. You can click on the links to read the completed papers.

Partition: What is a "Partition", what is a "File System", what if any is the difference between a Windows partition and a Unix partition, why are partitions labeled "hda, hdb" or something similar.
by Mohamed Zahran and Jason Kastel
Boot Loader: What is a boot loader, what is the MBR, what is Grub and Lilo, what are differences between Grub and Lilo
by Mike Losapio and Ricky Patel
Network Settings: what is DHCP and what is its function, what is a Gateway and why do we need one, what is DNS
by Jonathan Yau and Vinu John
Firewall: What is a Firewall, how does it function, why would we need one (do we?)
by Mark Takla
Time: What is a "second", is there the "standard time" and how is it measured, why are there time zones and who decides where they are, how do I synchronize my computer with the "standard time", what is the problem with time synchronization and how to I solve it
by Chris Vanchure
Accounts and Authentication: What is a user account, where is the information stored, what accounts are present on a Unix system, how can I authenticate a user, why are there different authentication standards such as NIS, LDAP, and Kerberos and how do they work
by John Ryan and Anthony Wlodarski
Desktops (GNome andKDE): What is Gnome, and KDE, what do they stand for, where do they come from, what are the differences and similarities
by Min Hur and Joe Walukiewicz
X: What is an "X Server", is it part of the operating system, what does it have to do with GUI programs and the desktop, how do I configure it, how can I connect to it, can an X Server run on a PC
by Chris Hyde/Bosco and Carlos Gonzalez