Seton Hall University
College of Education and Human Services
Graduate Studies and Special Programs  

Rosemary W. Skeele



EDST 6216/BMIE 3710 Electronic Research Technologies

EDST 6307/BMIE 3700 Integrating Curriculum and Technology

BMIE 4349/4350 Internship in Information Technologies

EDST 6206 Software Evaluation

EDST 6301 Literature for Children and Young Adults

EDST 6304 Production of Instructional Resources I

EDST 6306 Instructional Design

EDST 6308 Organizing & Administering Educational Media Centers

EDST 6310 Practicum in Educational Media Services

EDST 6315 Technical Processes for Educational Media Resources

EDST 6347 Special Projects in Technology

EDST 7349/7350 Internship in Information Technologies I and II

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