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Certificate in Information Technologies


Preparing for your Future

From modems to satellites, from distance education to virtual reality, information technologies are creating exciting and far-reaching changes in our lives.  How will you respond to the opportunities and dilemmas they present today and in the future?
A Certificate in Information Technologies will help you establish a base of knowledge that will enable you to live and work effectively in tomorrow’s environment of technological and social change. 
Be confident about your computing skills when you apply for your next job.  This certificate will show employers that you have the technical proficiency to back up your academic accomplishments.

The Certificate in Information Technologies

The Certificate Program acknowledges students who achieve a level of experience and knowledge with information technologies.  The Certificate Program is open to any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at the University as well as students who are not enrolled in a full University program.

Certificate Requirements

The College will award the Certificate in Information Technologies to students who successfully complete five three-credit information technology courses (15 credits).  A maximum of six credits may be accepted for equivalent experience in other divisions of the University, or for courses taken at other colleges.

Graduate students may apply the credits earned toward the certificate to a master’s degree in the Graduate Studies and Special Programs with a concentration in Professional Development for Teachers; Instructional Design and Technology; or the Educational Media Specialist Certificate Program.

Application and Admission

Return the attached response form to apply for admission. No test scores are required.

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