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Certificate in Information Technologies

Course Descriptions


BMIE 1001            Computer Fundamentals                                                                3 credits
EDST 6210           Microcomputing I                                                                 
             3 credits
Introduction to computers and computing, problem solving, hardware and software, end user issues, and ethical and societal concerns. Strong emphasis on performance-based learning using Microsoft Office applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Email and Internet applications and skills are advanced.

BMIE 1002            Microcomputing II                                                                           3 credits
EDST 6212            Microcomputing II                                                                          3 credits
Advanced Microsoft Office applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations are explored in depth. Database applications using Access and web page development tools are introduced. Computing skills applied to academic and occupational projects. Emerging technologies are explored and discussed.

BMIE 3705            Web Page Technologies                                                              3 credits
EDST 6214            Web Page Technologies                                                             3 credits
Design, create, and publish a Web site using Microsoft Front Page. Learn the tools and methodology necessary to create a content-rich Web site and portal, develop a professional portfolio online, effective ways to link the vast resources of the Internet to learning, becoming an E-Commerce entrepreneur, the information and critically evaluate a Web page, strategies for effective use of the Internet, and the social, legal, and ethical considerations of Internet use.

BMIE 3710            Electronic Research Technologies                                            3 credits
EDST 6216            Electronic Research Technologies                                           3 credits
Advanced electronic research using computer-based and Internet accessible tools. Find, evaluate and assemble the best information for individual research interests and workplace needs. Develop research skills and information discrimination techniques using electronic resources. Includes research methodology, bibliography development, search strategies, electronic reference materials, online newspapers and periodicals, email, listservs, and newsgroups.

BMIE 3714            Multimedia Technologies                                                               3 credits
EDST 6314            Multimedia Technologies                                                              3 credits
The use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio, and video with links and tools to create learning packages, assessment tools, presentations, and stand-alone training. Focus is on good multimedia design, scripting, use of audio and video tools, the Internet as a delivery tool, and computer-based training usingHyper Studio.

BMIE 3716            Access Database Application Development                                3 credits
EDST 6213            Access Database Application Development                              3 credits
Using Microsoft Access, learn to manage information using a computerized database. Gain the knowledge and expertise to develop simple to complex queries, data entry forms, and reports using integrated databases. Design the structure of a database, manipulate, sort, analyze, and effectively display data quickly and efficiently. 

BMIE 4344  Seminar: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Technology                   3 credits
EDST 6344  Seminar: Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Technology                  3 credits

For students in any major interested in current issues that arise from using new and emerging technologies. Social, ethical, and legal problems associated with computer-based technologies will be explored, debated, and researched along with the means for reducing problems and coping with their effects.

BMIE 4345    Distance Education: Developing Televised and Virtual                     3 credits
EDST 6345   Distance Education: Developing Televised and Virtual     
                3 credits
Explore interactive television and the Internet as delivery systems for learning that integrate a variety of technologies. Learn how to design, create, administer, and deliver instruction and training via interactive television and how to develop a virtual course for delivery on the Internet.

EDST 3700            Integrating Curriculum and Technology                                         3 credits
EDST 6307            Integrating Curriculum and Technology     
                                   3 credits
Designed for educators, media specialists, and trainers who want to integrate "good practice" with a technology-based curriculum. A broad range of computer-supported learning tools and new and emerging technologies are explored through an interactive approach to develop programs that support the curriculum and provide effective learning.  

BMIE 4346            Computer Networking Fundamentals                                              3 credits
EDST 6348            Computer Networking Fundamentals                            
                3 credits
An introduction to a wide variety of networking concepts which students can apply to a broad selection of related telecommunication job segments. Included are the history and fundamentals of network design and cabling infrastructure, technologies, protocols, communications, and tools necessary to troubleshoot and design a network.

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