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Phone: (973) 761-9102
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Kurt W. Rotthoff
Professor of Economics and Finance
Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University

Ph.D. Clemson University 2007
M.A. Clemson University 2004
B.S. Westminster College 2002































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Intermediate Microeconomics
Undergraduate Sports
MBA Economics PQ
(Spring 1 - WB)

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Working Papers (also available on Google Scholar or SSRN):


"The Efficiency of Large(r) Endowments: The Optimal Endowment is Bigger than you Might Think"
forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters

"The Impact of Unexpected Natural Disasters on Insurance Markets"
with Ghanshyam Sharma forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters

"Revisiting Difficulty Bias, and Other Forms of Bias, in Elite Level Gymnastics"

forchoming in the Jouranl of Sports Analystics

"Risk Taking Dynamics in Tournaments: Evidence from Professional Golf"
with Todd McFall (Under Reivew)

"The "Cinderella Effect": The Value of Unexpected March Madness Runs as
Advertising for the Schools"
with Trevor Collier, Nancy Haskell, and Alaina Smith

"Real Options Applied to Consumer Goods: A Look at Final Four Ticket Pricing"
with Jason Berkowitz and Craig Depken

"Measuring Personal Economic Damages due to Environmental Harm Incurred by
Residents of a Lake-Centered Community"
with Frank Tanri (Under Review)

"Impacts of Being Grouped with the Greatest" with Todd McFall and Leah Meissner

"The Superstar Effect in Gymnastics" with Leah Meissner

"Does Changing NCAA Conference Influence Enrollment or Tests Scores? A Panel Study Analysis"
with Peter A Groothuis, Austin Eggers, Parker Redding, and Michael Solimini

"Optimal Asset Allocation with Over-Savings"

Podcast: How Not to Be Terrible at College

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