Kurt W. Rotthoff

Interm Associate Provost for Stragety and Finance
and Professor of Economics and Finance

Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University

Spring Classes:
Intermediate Micro
MBA Economics PQ
(Spring 1 - WB)
MBA Economics PQ
(Spring 2 - WBB)

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Published Papers

Working Papers (also available on Google Scholar, Works Profile, or SSRN):

"The Impact of Basketball Malfeasance on the University and its Rankings" with Abigail Cormier,

Austin Eggers, and Pete Groothuis forthcoming in Applied Economics

"The Flutie and Anti-Flutie Effect: The Impact of Football Championships and Athletic
Malfeasance on the University"
with Abigail Cormier, Austin Eggers,

and Pete Groothuis forthcoming in the Journal of Sports Economics

The Simple Math of How to Retire with Millions published at FEE.org


"Obesity and Income: The impact of the Obesity Kuznets Curve on the Gender Gap"
with Reda Abouzaid (Under Review)

"Measuring Personal Economic Damages due to Environmental Harm Incurred by
Residents of a Lake-Centered Community"
with Frank Tanri (Under Review)

“Basketball Tournaments, “Cinderella Runs”, and Academic Peer Rankings”
with Sean E. Mulholland and Aleksandar (Sasha) Tomic (Under Review)

"The Impact of Being Named a Top Party School on the Peer Rankings and the Academic

Profile of a University" with Abigail Cormier,* Austin Eggers, and Peter A Groothuis (Under Review)

"Impacts of Being Grouped with the Greatest" with Todd McFall

"Optimal Asset Allocation with Over-Savings"


Podcast: How Not to Be Terrible at College

Thinking of a PhD in Economics?


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