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Kurt W. Rotthoff
Associate Professor of Economics and Finance
Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University

Ph.D. Clemson University 2007
M.A. Clemson University 2004
B.S. Westminster College 2002































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Working Papers (also available on SSRN and Google Scholar):

"The Harder the Task, the Higher the Score: Findings of a Difficulty Bias"
with Hillary Morgan (forthcoming in Economic Inquiry)
"Influences on Sponsorship Deals in NASCAR: Indirect Evidence from Time on Camera"
with Craig Depken and Peter A. Groothuis (forthcoming in Applied Economics)
"Is Home Field Advantage Driven by the Fans? Evidence from Across the Ocean"
with Anne Anders (forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters)

"Cultural Bias: Gymnasts, Judges, and Bilateral Trade Agreements" with Brian P Callahan
 and Sean Mulholland (Under Review)
"Real Options Applied to Consumer Goods: A Look at Final Four Ticket Pricing"
with Jason Berkowitz (Under Review)
"(Not Finding a) Sequential Order Bias in Elite Level Gymnastics"
(Revisions Requested)
"The Impact of the NHL Lockout on County Employment" with John Jasina (Under Review)
"Are Big-Time Sports a Threat to Student Achievement? Another Look at the Differences between Men and Women" with Rey Hernandez-Julian (Under Review)
"Structural Breaks in the Game: The Case of Major League Baseball" with Peter A. Groothuis and Mark Strazicich (Under Review)
"Price-Increasing Competition: Evidence from Higher Education" with Angela K. Dills (Under Review)
"Economic Growth and Obesity: Findings of an Obesity Kuznets Curve" with Anca Cotet (Under Review)
"Surveying the Literature and People: The Economic Impact of Sports Teams and Civic Pride" with Pete Groothuis (Under Review)

"Discrete Utility Jumps: The Value of Money in the Hand"

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