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"(Not Finding a) Sequential Order Bias in Elite Level Gymnastics"
forthcoming in the Southern Economic Journal

"Economic Growth and Obesity: Findings of an Obesity Kuznets Curve" with Anca Cotet
forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters



"The Impact of College Football on Academic Achievement" with Rey Hernandez-Julian
Economics of Education Review Volume 43, December, Pages 141-147  

"Is Home Field Advantage Driven by the Fans? Evidence from Across the Ocean"
with Anne Anders Applied Economics Letters Volume 21, Issue 16, pages 1165-1168

"The Harder the Task, the Higher the Score: Findings of a Difficulty Bias"
with Hillary Morgan Economic Inquiry Volume 52, Issue 3, pages 1014-1026

"Influences on Sponsorship Deals in NASCAR: Indirect Evidence from Time on Camera"
with Craig Depken and Peter A. Groothuis Applied Economics Volume: 46, Issue: 19, pages 2277  2289.


"Stock Analysts Efficiency in a Tournament Structure: The Impact of Analysts Picking
a Winner and a Loser"
Journal of Applied Financial Research Vol II, pp 125-150

McCarthy, Laurence and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2013) "Incentives on the Starting Grid in Formula One Racing" with Larry McCarthy The Journal of SPORT 2(2), 175-184


Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2012) "Bankruptcy Behavior in the NFL: Does the Overtime Structure Change the Strategy of the Game?"
Journal of Economics and Finance Volume 36, Issue 3, 662-664 (Also here)

Limehouse, Frank F., Michael T. Maloney, and Kurt W Rotthoff (2012) "Peak-Load verse Discriminatory Pricing:
Evidence from the Golf Industry" Review of Industrial Organization Vol. 40, No. 3, 151-165 (Lead Article - also here)

Jasina, John and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2012) "A Model of Promotion and Relegation in League Sports"
Journal of Economics and Finance Volume 36, Issue 2, 303-318 (Also here)

Article (Inside business): "Insight... The Costs and Benefits of Natural Gas Fracking"
Gateway Region Magazine
- Elizabeth, NJ March 2012, Vol. 15, No. 3 (Also here)

Book Review: Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2012) "Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment"
Journal of Sports Economics February 2012 Vol. 13, Is. 1, 99-102


Groothuis, Peter A., Jana D. Groothuis, and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2011) "Time on Camera: An Additional Explanation
of NASCAR Tournaments" Journal of Sports EconomicsVol. 12, No. 5, October, 561-570 (Also here)

Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2011) "How Market Makers Affect Efficiency; Evidence Markets are Becoming Less Efficient"
Capital Markets Review Vol. 18, Nos. 1 & 2

Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2011) "The Incentives leading up to the 2008 Financial Crisis"
International Journal of Trade and Global Markets Vol. 4, No. 4 (Lead Article - Also here)

Dills, Angela K., Hillary N. Morgan, and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2011)"Recess, Physical Education, and Elementary
School Student Outcomes" Economics of Education Review Volume 30, Issue 5, October, 889-900

Rotthoff, Kurt W., Danielle Zanzalari, and John Jasina (2011) "What are the Odds? A Measure of the Small
Sample Problems"
Applied Economics Letters Volume 18, Issue 12, August, 1139-1143 (Also here)

TEDx Seton Hall (2011): Video, Website

Anders, Anne and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2011) "Yellow Cards: Do They Matter?" with Anne Anders
Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports
Vol. 7 : Is. 1, Article 9 (Also here)

Article (Commentary): "Yes, Yes You Can Teach about Liberty"
John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy January 23, 2011


Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2010) "Product Liability Litigation:  An Issue of Merck and Lawsuits over Vioxx."
Applied Financial Economics December, Vol. 20, Is. 24, 1867-1878 (Also here) [Long Version

Rotthoff, Kurt W. and Anne Mayo (2010) "Coaching Costs as Tullock Costs, A Model of Rising Coaching Salaries"
Economic Affairs October, Vol. 30, Is. 3, 65-69 (Also here)


Jasina, John and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2008) "The Impact of a Professional Sports Franchise on County Employment
 and Wages." International Journal of Sport Finance November, Vol. 3, Issue 4, pp 210-227

Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2008) "Could Affirmative Action be Efficient in Higher Education?"
Economics Letters
June Vol 99/3, pp 574-576