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Article (Inside business): "Insight... The Costs and Benefits of Natural Gas Fracking"
Gateway Region Magazine
- Elizabeth, NJ March 2012, Vol. 15, No. 3 (Also here)

Book Review: Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2012) "Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment"
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TEDx Seton Hall (2011): Video, Website

Anders, Anne and Kurt W. Rotthoff (2011) "Yellow Cards: Do They Matter?" with Anne Anders
Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports
Vol. 7 : Is. 1, Article 9 (Also here)

Article (Commentary): "Yes, Yes You Can Teach about Liberty"
John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy January 23, 2011


Rotthoff, Kurt W. (2010) "Product Liability Litigation:  An Issue of Merck and Lawsuits over Vioxx."
Applied Financial Economics December, Vol. 20, Is. 24, 1867-1878 (Also here) [Long Version

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