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 Topics within a class are first come-first served, and for these presentation, there's only one person per topic area.  If you are in doubt about whether a topic is "allowed/appropriate", be sure to ask . Also read the GENERAL PERSUASION GUIDELINES  & persuasive speech assignment -document.


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GENERAL Topic area {CURRENT phrasing}

 Spkr seems to be using a question of_



5/2 VANSH ARORA Breakfast is the most important meal of the day F  
  JOSH BEDARD College is not a necessity for everyone in society V?P?  
_√_   MARIAM BSHARAT People should use their innate skills of resilience P  
 4/30 NICK DiBARI Everyone should Meditate P  
4/30 ARIELLE FORTES (Updated) Mental Health is more important than most people think V?F?  

People should listen to music every day.

5/2 NICK JOHN NASCAR is a sport F  
5/7 FRANK MABALATAN There should be more Asian representation in American media P  
5/2 LEIGH ANN ROFRANO Disney Princesses have a positive influence on women V  
5/2 CLAUDINE ROSCA Competition Dancing IS a sport F  
  NIKI TRIPATHI Language education should be more strictly enforced from a younger age P  
        F V P  
    JAMES CARPENTER sad music is better for _______ than happy music    
    SARAH CULMONE �(Why) you should 'thrift shop'.�    

sports  can  a positive impact on students

    BROOKE HARRINGTON You Should Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator    

everyone should go on a plant-based diet. Mulan is the best Disney influence

    JULIANNA KOVACS �college students should carefully monitor what they do and say on social media�.    
    PANOS LOGOTHETIS one should travel internationally    

US Business culture should adopt the practice of siestas


Hockey is the toughest sport to play.

    MAXIMILIAN MANTLE Water is the best beverage for your overall health    
    NICK MARINELLI Collegiate athletes should receive monetary compensation for their efforts    
    BRENNEN McALLISTER Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time.    
    MEGAN  SNIPES "students should go to college outside of their home state"    

Organic farms should be assisted financially.

    JULIA TUMINO Oprah for President    
    Below = SOME ADDITIONAL TOPICS FROM THE PAST. Maybe they'll help your own inspiration... [ remember, you should have a PASSION for your topic!]    
      gun ownership /or/ training p  
      contrary to beliefs of the hyper-feminist movement, Disney Princesses are POSITIVE role models V?  
      everybody should exercise at least  one hour a day. P  
      US Business culture should adopt the practice of siestas P

Varsity athletes should not be required to take physical education class.

       Read nutrition labels strategically P  
      Foods need to have a GMO label on them P  
      alternatively-powered cars F?V?  
      adoption of a third party into the U.S. system of government.  P  
      political campaigns should have a regulated spending cap V? P?  
      for: sexual education/availability of contraceptives in colleges P  
      fracking should not be used P  
      �College students should carefully monitor  what they post on social media outlets� P  
      People should donate to ____ ___  p  
      Students should not attend a four year academic institution P  
      Stop Procrastinating! P  
      The media do  influence the behavior of teenagers 13-19 F  
      Higher Ed should be tuition free    
      government should put on a price ceiling on college tuition P  
      Division one college athletes should receive (monetary ) compensation P  
      ALL colleges should  provide incoming students with laptops P  
      smoking should be illegal on college campus P  
      Colleges should offer healthier food options    
      Permit Gay leaders in the BSA P  
      Text messages are harmful to our society / Texting & driving must be stopped F / P  
      Guns are not the problem, people are; stricter gun laws are not the answer P  
      police officers should be required to wear body cameras. P  
      pro football franchises should  institute a rookie salary cap P  
      Pro: Being an organ donor // All people should be organ donors. P  
      NFL FOOTBALL OVERTIME RULES  need changing P  
      something must been done to reduce head injuries in the NFL P?F?  
      Pro: Every American should be driving a diesel powered automobile" P? V?  
      Americans should drive electric and hybrid cars [as opposed to purely-gasoline powered cars].      
      the gasoline-powered car is still the better car to own V  
      Enlist  in the Armed Forces   P  

We should  bicycle more and drive less.


Willie Darden was unlawfully executed and that he did not receive a fair trial. 

      Smoking Advertisements should not be centered towards Teenagers P  
      Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Adolescent Violence. F  
      Italian Food is the Best Food in the World    
    Energy-generating windmills are a good source of energy. F  

the United States should NOT impose democracy on other nations.


Coffee is  one of the healthiest drinks you can consume

medical cannibis should be legalized.

Bergen County should not repeal the Blue Laws.

      We should support stores such as CVS in their decision to stop selling tobacco products    
Solar/alternative energy should be mandatory in govt bldgs

Video Games do benefit children




The Fed gvt was right to bail out the US auto industry





Against:  Caution New Driver Stickers





 For: steroid use in sports





Why the Seton Hall Men's Basketball Team will win the NCAA tournament NEXT year.




      "SHU students need to have more school spirit." V? P?    

Baseball and softball should be reinstated as sports in the Olympic Games." 




"Pro: Drinking age 21 and older




        Abolishing the drinking age  in the U.S. will help reduce the problem of alcohol abuse.  F  
      lower the national  drinking age P  

 stem cell research should be fully funded by the government 





 Against: Welfare provisions





 "You should travel internationally"




      We as consumers of the media need to use more critical  thinking and awareness      

against:  the use of laptop by students during class time.

       Aliens Exist!      
      FOR: cell phone usage in the car P    
      U.S. government should bear the FINANCIAL  responsibility of Americans's higher education      
      Sports are an integral part of U.S. society because they bring communities together F    
      PR0: Instant Replay in Major League Baseball.      
      collegiate athletes should be paid.      
       Alternative Energies      
      Global Warming does not exist      
      AGAINST: Outsourcing      
      The best way to solve the problem of  Illegal immigration is...      
      SHU needs a new guest policy      
      Vacation in the Dominican Republic! P    
      In order to have an authentic European experience,  you should ________      
      The country of Turkey is a beautiful place, and has some of the best and most beautiful places to visit. V    
      Despite recent practices, retail establishments should not open until the morning after Thanksgiving      
      it is okay to use animals for food, research, etc, as long as they are not being treated inhumanely.      

 stop developing the tourist industry at the cost of our eco-environment.

      Macs are better than PC's V    
      Confidence  is the most important quality for developing leadership. V    
      You should go to NYC during the Christmas season.      


mandatory drug test for students.

      pro: Eating Organic/natural foods P    
      you should be eating salmon P    
      Carbonated water is the best substitute for soda      
       Family Dinners are Important V    
      Joining a Frat/Sor is beneficial V    
      music DOES influence mood and quality of  decisions. // Students should listen to classical music while studying
      Eat breakfast!      
      Despite some misperceptions, it's possible for the average person to do basic car repairs. P    
      Women's Rights are Human Rights      
      You shouldn�t chew ice      


People should drink more water//Water is the best beverage
pro: single sex high school education.
 There should be a distinct separation between church and state when marriage is involved.
Kids should read!
NYC (Seattle) is the best city in the world.
California is the best place to vacation
Be less reliant on technology
Popular music influences society in negative ways
all athletes should be tested for such performance enhancing substances as  HGH (Human Growth Hormones) and Steroids.
Teenagers should not smoke Cigarettes
Colleges in the U.S. should make physical education a requirement 
pro: Legalization of Marijuana
PRO:  Health care reform in the U.S.
PRO: (Everyone should) travel to a foreign, underprivileged country
current phrasing:

abolish the rule that basketball players must go to college before enlisting in the NBA draft.

You should starting saving and investing early in life
you should use sun screen
HighSchool students should be taught financial literacy
professional sports are an integral part of US society.
Social Security should immediately be replaced with a private retirement plan
Binge Drinking produces few real benefits
It�s important to only support cosmetic companies that DO NOT test their products on animals.
You should volunteer in the Dominican Republic
All college students should be required to participate in an intramural sport at the school
Going to college out of state is more beneficial than staying in state.
Visit NYC at least once // Visit Seattle! // Travel Abroad // Take a Road Trip
The NCAA men's basketball tournament should expand to 96 teams ( NEEDS SPECIALIZED AUDIENCE